outgoing letters

7 Nov

And now for the mail art that was received from me… I wrote a mini letter on one of my new postcards and sent it off to Kathy Dahl. I made sure to include an awesome group of seven stamp to make it fun! I hope she likes it – I realized that all of the mail we had sent each other so far had been mostly commercial postcards. Her daughter Nola (also known as Justice Bicycle (@JusticeBicycle)) got a postal delight from me as well! When she was here for her printmaking residency, she got a kick out of watching my chubby neighbour ride up and down the street clumsily on roller blades. PLUS for the entire duration of her trip, the kid never changed outfits once, and so the fluorescent board shorts became a good running joke. It’s been over two months since that victorious vacation, so I created her a little watercolored illustration momento! I also included triplicate drawings, a pinhole camera photo from our ACAD days, and a magazine photo of a strange roadside window display with mother mary with Jesus.  I can only assume Bev & Oz Oostyen (the proud parents of my best buddy Nick) found this cute little envelope in their postbox. When Nick visited a little while back, his parents sent him with a goodie bag for John and I full of fresh home made pesto, crackers, canteloupe and other tasty edible treats. I wanted to send them a little thank you card and I made sure to cover the back of the envelope with tomato stickers (courtesy of Kat Chapman) since they have the most amazing greenhouse tomatos!!! During one year of my studies at ACAD, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and make friends with Kasia Wojdyla, who was attending ACAD for a semester on an exchange program!! She is one of the most talented intaglio artists I’ve ever had the thrill of meeting!!! Seriously, if you know how much work goes into making etchings, click her name, scroll through her portfolio, and don’t be surprised when your jaw hits the floor. I missed this lady and was lucky to recently reconnect with her on Facebook, and thus had the opportunity to ask if she’d trade mail art. I decided to send first and made my package about SPACE – something she loves! I included some space alien stickers courtesy of Jeannine Saylor and I even decorated her envelope with an astronaut! Finally one of the speediest envelopes ever, travelled to my pal Amanda Mcnair (@shmanda13). She is known in some parts as the queen of paper cranes… but I decided it was time for her to expand her horizons and get into folding some other creatures. I gifted her the book “Wild Animal Origami” and I’m looking forward to hopefully finding a giraffe or some other exotic creature in my next envelope from Amanda. Thus concludes another double issue of mail art. I wanted to give a wee warning to those who religiously read these posts: I am not making or sending anymore mail art this month, as I need to focus 100% on producing for the One of a Kind Show in Vancouver which is coming up quick! I will still make time to post about a few of the outgoing envelopes that are still travelling and of course I will continue to post about incoming letters, but for those who I owe replies to, fret not, I haven’t forgotten about you!!!

4 Responses to “outgoing letters”

  1. Anna Jane Searle 07/11/2011 at 13:06 #

    LOVE !!!!! That postcard and I seriously want that Origami book.

  2. shelbyisrad 07/11/2011 at 13:06 #

    I really want to start sending mail art!!! I just need to take the leap and do it!

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