incoming letters

6 Nov

An old studio mate of mine from ACAD started trading mail art with me, and this week I got my first envelope from Amy Liebenberg (@amygillian). The envelope in itself was a work of a art: a folded paper with washes of grey was stitched up both sides with white thread. Inside was a note written in the littlest script & two originals: a drawing and a print both inspired by San Francisco(where our print media class traveled together). You can read more about this recent package on her blog (click Amy’s name above).Bonnie Jean (@postmuse) sent me a thank you postcard from UTAH for participating in & for donating postcards to her orphaned postcard project. If you didnt see this original post about Bonnie Jean, please do so! She runs a super interesting worldwide snail mail project that you might want to get involved in, plus you’ll get rewarded with something cool like this:Anna Gwenllian (@annagwenllian) spoiled me with the most gorgeously decorated envelope of a whale that said “all the way from Wales” (I love me a good pun)! She gifted me plenty of awesome treats: an original drawing, two of her fantastic postcards, two business cards, some cute patterned sticker tape & other fun paper ephemera. I can tell Carol Whitley (@imsilverfeather) is a festive gal – she sure did celebrate Halloween right this year: First she ‘treated’ herself to two prints from my etsy shop!!! Then later I received a spooky card from her celebrating the season. I always love finding envelopes from Marissa Falco (@czarcastic) in my postbox. Her handwritting is something I am mighty jealous of, as it just is so beautiful and unique!!! Ironically enough, the zine ‘META’ that she included in this lovely package is all about one of her artistic idols Margaret Kigallen & Marissa talks about the beauty & the importance of things being handmade. You can tell she is passionate about this… DO YOU SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL HER SCRIPT IS? Also included with this lovely zine were some rad postcards (one designed by Marissa), a letter, a wee birthday tag with a hedgehog, the most AWESOME list of things “I wanna get into” (all of which are pretty much on point lol) and a glittery blue diamond piece. I love getting letters from the fantastic Jamie Madelena (@sendmoremail). Not only can i expect wonderful vintage stamps to be plastered on the envelope, but she always has such lovely stationery to write on. I felt extra lucky this time because she gifted me one of her awesome stamp packs that contains the perfect amount of postage for a letter sent in Canada. Love it! I’m also a BIG fan of the Canadian berries stamps she posted it with.Lots of fun things to be proud of hey? The letters that I’ve sent and have been received recently will be chronicled tomorrow…

One Response to “incoming letters”

  1. Anna Jane Searle 07/11/2011 at 13:04 #

    I really love what Amy sent you with that original illustration. Loving the stamps from Jaime, wish I could see a close up of them ;) And isn’t Anna such a talented little thing. I got a package from her last week and I was so chuffed with what I got.

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