animal kingdom diptych

25 Oct

A few years ago I created two graphite drawings for a friend of a friend’s band. I asked him what kind of animals were his favorites and after hearing him list of at least two dozen creatures, I decided to just create something about the animal kingdom. They were used as the sidebar images on the band’s website for a year or so, but they have since moved onto new branding. Having loved the drawings from day one and sad to see them go unused, I decided to apply my knowledge of printmaking to the imagery, and recently created black and white hand-pulled screenprint edition of 20 of both original drawings. Both feature all kinds of incredible beasts from the land, sea and air. The one that has an explosive composition from the right hand side, has a bluebird, chimpanzee, cliff swallow, moth, crow, iguana, hyena, horned owl, fox, sea turtle, deer, tiger and bear. The second image’s composition echoes the other, and instead bursts from the left hand side. The creatures within are a tree swallow, orangutang, falcon, bat, butterfly, lynx,  snake, spotted owl, elk, wolf and lion! I’ve always really liked this diptych… not just because of the dynamic composition, but because there is something about how all of the animals fade in together as one entity, but then jump out again when you stare at them individually. These gorgeous 8″ x 10″ black and white screenprints just got freshly listed for sale in my etsy shop. You can find ‘Animal Kingdom I’ here, ‘Animal Kindom II’ here or the pair for a discount price here.

One Response to “animal kingdom diptych”

  1. rhya 26/10/2011 at 08:04 #

    This is awesome! great print J!

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