only outgoing

23 Oct

Apart from the most amazing and unexpected letter from my grandparents, I didn’t get anything in the mail this week. However nine of my mail art friends found a package (or two) from me, the first lucky recipient was Anna Jane Searle (@annajanesearle). I got inventive with the packaging and used old book covers as a protective envelope, however the covers were so heavy that the idea kind of backfired when it came time to pay for postage (300+ grams!) Anyhow it was worth it because it contained a collaboration that Anna and I are doing using some fabric screenprints I created of a yellow headed blackbird. I also gifted her one of my Feathered Flash prints, some nautical ephemera, harry potter stickers, animal patterned paper and a gocco printed notecard. My reply to Rhya Tamasauskas (@rhyat) started by using a handmade envelope gifted to me from Harriet Gray. The envelope’s beautiful color pallet helped me pick out the purple hued vintage stamps. Inside: a sexy catalogue man postcard, an A/P molecular bear moleskine, an awesome MONSTERS sticker (she is the co-found of the monster factory) and the most incredible Spice Girls ruler. It was hard to give that beauty away, but I know Rhya has a Spice Cam and she loves those ladies – it was the right thing to do! Amy Liebenberg (@amygillian) is one of my printmaking studio mates from my BFA days, and she recently asked if she could get in on all the mail art fun! If you are looking for more people to trade with, send a tweet to her. It felt right to start her off on the right foot, so I decorated a classic airmail envelope with some vintage stamps, wrote a mini letter, and gifted her a personalized, velvet cover, address book. Now she’s ready to start collecting addresses and begin sending mail art! Another friend from my BFA years at ACAD also wanted to start trading, miss Alexis Fullenkamp. At ACAD a lot of her work explored sexuality & the culture of sex in media, so I had to send her a few titillating items: A cartoon from playboy, and two cute stickers with some tits and ass. I wrote a little letter and enclosed a mini business card with all these treats in a naughty handmade envelope.   Carol Whitley (@imsilverfeather) was exceedingly generous with her last package, so I made her a special custom moleskine inspired by her twitter name. I sent it along with a letter written in silver ink and enclosed it in a molecular bear handmade envelope with Orange stamps. After reading one of my latest mail art posts, paper cut artist Mister Damien Barlow (@Damien_barlow) tweeted to me that he WISHED he had lovely letters show up in his mailbox. Well, call me a genie, ’cause I made his wish come true with one of my DIY envelopes, vintage stamps, a new postcard & sticker of my work, a graffiti sticker and some fun paper ephemera! He said it made his day, so it felt great to bring another new pen pal a postal thrill.  Kat Chapman (@katrionachapman) spoiled me rotten last time, and so I wanted to gift her a custom moleskine! Funny thing is Kat was actually in need of a new sketchbook and I had no clue… Gotta love murphy’s law! The bound beauty was sent along with some stickers, one of my new postcards, a letter and some old garden ephemera inside a handmade envelope covered with large animal postage stamps. My amazing friends and couple, Nick Oostyen and Olivia Delorme (o_delorme) got a double dose of mail this week. The appetizer: one of my brand new Optimist postcards (Nick owns the original painting) sent with fun vintage postage. The mail art main course was wrapped in a bubbler mailer with skater, snowboarder and art Canada stamps with a sexy pink mouth sticker devouring the world. This beauty of a envelope contained the first two pocket mirrors that I made with my new press, a handmade TMNT shrinky dink collage card, ‘inappropriate’ paper ephemera and several stickers (some of which were my own). It seems that my output of mail art has been fairly consistent but I am getting into the crunch of all my preparations for OOAK and I won’t be doing as much mail art until mid-December. So if I owe you, don’t think I have forgotten about you… and if you are worried about a mail art reply that you owe me, take your time!!! We both need it.

One Response to “only outgoing”

  1. Anna Jane Searle 23/10/2011 at 12:45 #

    ha ha no-one loved you this week lol.

    I was so super duper HAPPY!!!! with my mail art goodies. The envelope was one of the best EVER!!!!!! You come up with such creatives ideas. I cannot wait to start on my part of the collaboration.

    I am so impressed with all the badges, magnets, stickers and mirrors you are making. I wish I had the money to invest in such projects. You inspire me so much.

    p.s. that envelope you sent Alexis is bloody hilarious. The postman must have thought what the hell is in this??? Classic.

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