the sweetest letter

20 Oct

You may have seen in my mail art posts that I often write letters to my grandparents. I write because I am halfway across the country and thus, too far away to visit them. I also want them to know that I think of them often, miss them tons and love them very much. I never expect a reply, I know there are far more demanding things to attend to, and again, I am writing for THEM not for a response. So today when I opened the postbox to find a letter from my Grandpa Gus and Grandma Fritzie, I just couldn’t believe it!!!I burst into tears crying while reading it… mostly I think I was overwhelmed by the effort they took to write to me and the strong emotions I feel for them were flooding to me all at once. I miss them more than they can imagine, so this envelope means the world to me. They included a funky article from Maclean’s about the iPad as a Medium in art (my ‘grumpa’ is a tech junkie). Also included was a fantastic, clever and poignant poem my grandfather wrote about the boring food at their senior’s residence (which immediately reminded me of where I learned my flair for sarcasm). It is rare that I post about a single letter, but this occasion is one to be celebrated; I feel so special and so lucky to have such a strong connection with my grandparents and I will cherish this envelope for a long time.

3 Responses to “the sweetest letter”

  1. Marcus 20/10/2011 at 19:52 #

    AWW Jess this makes me want to call my Grandma, she just turned 90 in April! I get the same feeling when she sends me a letter which isn’t very often but is certainly something to hang onto. What I wouldn’t give to be able to write my Grandpa and have just one letter from him to this brand new man….. love is amazing and one day you’ll make your grandkid feel just as special! Miss you!

  2. The Second Magpie 20/10/2011 at 23:49 #

    This is lovely! I’m going to see my gran tomorrow, also an artist and the person who got me painting from the youngest age possible.


  1. only outgoing | - 23/10/2011

    […] from the most amazing and unexpected letter from my grandparents, I didn’t get anything in the mail this week. However nine of my mail art friends found a […]

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