less is more; a simple week in snail mail

8 Oct

It was a quiet week at the postbox compared to the last few, not that I’m complaining! I’ve got loads to do & not enough time to make a lot of reply envelopes or write lengthy mail art blogs. So without any further dilly-dallying, I’ll get to the things that recently got recieved by my pen pals. First was the super Kathy Dahl who has been dressing up postcards for me. I figured it was time to return the favor and so I fancied up a postcard of a shack near Williams Lake, BC with a few funny outdoorsy stickers & a nice note. Since my buddy Aaron Cronk visited and saw how into snail mail I was he asked if we could write letters. DUH! I sent my first envelope to his Saskatchewan address in mid-September asking him about how school was going. Along with the wee note I also sent a gangster Dr. Dre sticker and a funny illustrated joke “What has 18 legs and catches flies?”……………… A BASEBALL TEAM! yuk yuk yuk. Thought it’d be a good joke to send off to a sports fanatic.Natalie Ruby, a talented glass jeweler and friend of mine, recently started making skeleton key shaped pendants (out of glass of course!!!). From my stash pile of old flash cards, I found one which featured Daisy holding a key for the letter ‘K’. It easily transformed into the perfect postcard for miss Natalie with a stamp, addresses & note. I can always count on the fantastic Michelle Ashton (@zbyshka) for cute furry friends! So this next package was no surprise when a plethora of adorable bear themed treats came pouring out of the envelope including a hand-painted puzzle, a mini koala eraser and the cutest 3D panda bear stickers.And finally, although I have no professional medical experience, I am officially diagnosing one of my pen pals Rhya Tamasauskas (@rhyat) with a chronic disease: severe generosity. This week I found a copy of her newly completed zine all about bunnies. Unbelievable considering she JUST sent me 6 of her older zines only 2 weeks ago and a lovely letter prior to that!!! I best get to replying… Lovely little bits of snail mail hey? It was kinda nice to have a quieter postal week… Sometimes less is more.

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  1. mizhenka 10/10/2011 at 08:08 #

    Glad you like! x

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