parcel pride

24 Sep

Here we go with another weekly installment of parcel pride. Hera is the adorable daughter of my friend Jen, who is a talented bag-maker and part-owner of Blackstar Studios. I left Invermere this summer, right before Hera’s birthday, so I sent her a pile of stickers and a birthday card to make up for my absence. Her reply showed up this week with a super sweet note and three of her original drawings. Sick drawing skills, check them out: snails, a robot and a dragon! I may have been dubbed the “queen of mail art” but miss Anna Jane Searle (@annajanesearle) gets the title “queen of surprises.” I knew to expect great things, as Anna is very talented & generous. However I did not see this one coming. Amongst many lovely items in an hand-made envelope I adored, were hand-type letters and definitions, old book pages and postage stamps, and a book titled “The Observer’s Book of Sea and Seashore” which at first I assumed was just a beautiful vintage volume. Upon opening it though, my excitement was perked even further, as it revealed a hidden diorama piece of an underwater scene. INCREDIBLE ALTERED BOOK. So proud to own this. WOW!Harriet Gray (@harrietgray) knows how to spoil me, and is aware of the fact that I love getting stationery, postcards and other awesome paper goods that I can use in my mail art parcels. So she gifted me five postcards from friend artists and also some of her favorite designers along with some awesome cat stationery paper! There was also a bag of kitty face buttons made of fimo and a DIY envelope featuring one of Harriet’s images. She said I inspired her to make use of a bunch of misprinted posters with the use of my DIY hand-made envelopes post that I use for my mail art. Any package from Rhya Tamasauskas (@rhyat) is always a treat, so I often do a little happy dance at the post box when I discover something from her. In this latest installment, an adorable card with a loving message & cute doodle. Along with it was a vellum envelope titled “Les Histoires” which means stories in french, held 6 (that’s right count ’em) SIX of her early zines from right out of her BFA. Typical of all of Rhya’s work, was beautiful play with texture, color, size and feeling, but I was surprised to see that none of her adorable little animals & sketches were in there. I later discovered that they are something that she has been developing for only a couple years now, and therefore is the reason why these early zines seemed different. If I had to describe this body of work, it would be “colourful, visual and lyrical poetry.” My one of a kind bookshelf is so proud to add these beauties to the always-growing collection.Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard) sent me a congratulatory envelope filled with love themed treats in celebration of John’s & my engagement. It’s so sweet to have so many people happy for us! Goodies included: a handwritten card with a key charm and lots of kind words, a queen of hearts playing card, a blank LOVE card, heart patterned ribbon, a pink button and heart shaped trinket. The most awesome thing of all: an altered book page that starts off by saying “I am the happiest creature in the world” with the word Congratulations scrawled above. Kye Sangha (@kyesangha) finally found a happy handmade envelope in her postbox last week address with a formal mail art label. Inside was a strong independant woman overlooking the hoodoos, vintage map stickers, animal stamps, patterned stickers, a cool foreign playing card, an original drawing of a snake, a vintage book page, true or false animal poster, a wee note and a small paper trinket that says “beautiful” because she is.Emily May Hopgood (@emilymayhopgood) has a good sense of humor and a funky illustration style, which I why I knew she would be appreciative of my 12 layer Queen Elizabeth caricature silkscreen print. This portrait has a beautiful yet repulsive charm like some of Emily’s illustrations of typical tourists haha. Along with the Queen, was a tiny note and some rad safari stickers. The envelope was decorated with collage and a plethora of stamps and stickers.I was stoked to hear Amanda Nicole White (@amanda_ink) found her #2 parcel, as I have been having a LOT of fun with our themed exchanges and am always excited to share what we’ve done. Amanda wrote a very sweet blog post about our exchange thus far here. I started my most recent package (#2) off with a letter written on note paper I cut into the shape of 2’s. Tiny two trinkets were scattered through the package and included: flash cards, playing cards, two 3d paw print and other #2 stickers, free willy 2 pog, and one of my business cards with 2 wolves. A small air mail envelope was stamped with the words “Just the two of us” and held 2 Ernie flash cards “you” & “me” along with 2 monster finger puppets, and her second mini cat envelope with cat #2 inside. I made two new altered book pages for her and also included two photo prints of existing altered book pages that sat well with the “number 2” theme. Finally wrapped seperately, were TWO awesome gifts about space, Amanda’s favorite thing ever. The front of the envelope had a sticker of a letter opener with 2 finger holes, while the back featured a sticker of a naked cartoon lady flipping 2 birds. The middle fingers can’t be too offensive, because after all I created an entire ‘number 2’ package without ANY poopoo references.Chantal Vincent (@chantal_vincent) is an incredible relief printmaker and so when I completed my first relief print in 4 years, I knew I’d have to send her a copy of it. I took a large moleskine and decorated the front with a giant scribble sticker and blue labels that read “Chantal’s tote for sketches and notes” and on the back I used blue ink to print my barn owl. Along with it, a kangaroo flash card, red rose tea card, Sukie sticky-notes and vintage map stickers (ironically) of Chantal’s favorite places in the world. Last but not least, Brooke Weeber (@thelittlecanoe) informed me that her favorite color is olive, so I sent her one of my T/P Filigree Heart Deer Prints on olive paper. Her favorite animal is the sloth, so I gifted her a vintage red rose tea card with a sloth. Other paper goods included two found book pages with cake & canoe references, some fox treats (her second fave animal), a flash card with inside joke about ice cream, and the most glorious illustrated book page with whimsy that reminded me of Brooke’s work. 

6 Responses to “parcel pride”

  1. Anna Jane Searle 24/09/2011 at 13:28 #

    WOW!!!! So much amazing goodies here. I love the close-up shots you took of the book I sent you :) I really enjoy’d making the book diorama as it was my first attempt. It really draws you in with all the different layers.

    I am loving the map stamps so much. Wasn’t Hera such a lucky girl to get all those stickers and her reply drawings are so darn cute. Harriet’s package is totally Epic and I love the envelope by Sarah.

  2. Deirdre 25/09/2011 at 04:35 #

    I LOVE this whole mail art thing you all have going on! I’m shocked at how talented everyone is…how do you all come up with these ideas? Hmmm…I might just have to get in on this. I’m jealous! ;)
    Thanks so much for sharing, Miss Jessica. Totally inspiring!

  3. Kye Sangha (@KyeSangha) 25/09/2011 at 12:02 #

    Completely overwhelming, as ever!! I don’t know what to comment on first! Of course, I know you know this, but I loved my envelope from you & am assembling my response :)

  4. Jeannine | SaylorMade 25/09/2011 at 20:22 #

    I love seeing all of the gifts to and from artists and friends, but I get extra giddy when I see something I’ve sent you passed along for an additional journey. Yey for mail art!!

    • naturesmyfriend 25/09/2011 at 20:40 #

      I’m so sorry but I wish I knew the reference… What did you send me that I passed along??

    • Jeannine | SaylorMade 26/09/2011 at 07:20 #

      It was the planet & stars stickers to Hera & the dog stickers to Chantal. At least they look very familiar. It’s also possible that you just have some of the same stickers I have. I think stickers, stationery and clippings are perfect for reuse.

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