as always, more marvelous mail art

10 Sep

A long-awaited package from Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress) made me smile because he knows all the things I love. Starting with an envelope made from the cover of Canada Post’s details magazine, lined inside with a map of my favorite place on earth, Invermere.  The objects sent featured my favorite animals and also highlighted Canada, humor and Marcus’s summer. Illustrated bears, vintage animal storybook pages, a tiny origami fox, drawings and photos by him, scrapbook mini-cards, kitschy canadiana, bird silhouettes and magazine clippings. So many foxes, bears and owls, my heart almost melted. I knew my first mail art pile from Brooke Weeber (@thelittlecanoe) would be just priceless. I’m a big fan of her illustrating style and color pallete, and am happy to announce that she’s recently left her job to pursue a career in the arts! I was super fond of the adorable watercolor print she gifted me that has a positive and uplifting saying: “things don’t always have to make sense if they feel right.” Along with it were equally as adorable illustrated items of hers including a valentines card, a postcard, moo minicard and promo scout book illo she drew for Loch Lomond’s record release. A charming cross-stich inspired image that says “half of me is ocean, half of me is sky” plus a giant destination DIY sticker made it in there.Jennifer Woodfine, a long time friend, sent a handmade card by a vancouver painter with a sweet note and congrats about my engagement to John. Kathy Dahl sent another awesome altered Canada kitsch postcards plastered in stickers. She said her daughter Nola gave her a hard time for only sending a postcard instead of some original art, so she had to defend herself. I am honestly a HUGE fan of these things, the chipmunk she sent last time too was solid gold! Anna Gwenllian‘s (@annagwenllian) letter was delivered in Hogwarts fashion with a big snowy owl emblazoned on the envelope. Other bird inspired surprises included 3 vintage tea cards and an original painting with a quote of Shakespeare’s “I am a feather for each wind that blows.” I wrote her a note on one of my hand printed Filigree Deer note papers, and added silly ephemera from my 1970’s hunting and gardening magazines along with some other fun paper treats & stickers. Kira Walker (@Gali_gal) was sad on twitter and complained that she never got written letters sent to her. Since complaining sometimes does pay off, I decided to reward her with a little pen pal note sent in self sealing stationery. Inside just a couple small treats: a maple leaf & a bird red rose tea card. My wolf-obsessed pal Mariana Lobao (@Minawolf) said that the package she discovered made her day. So good to hear it too because the last envelope she sent me was incredible. Inside a vintage stamp plastered envelope was a book all about wolves, along with other wolf ephmera and a wolf adorned hand-written letter. Also a fun iron-on transfer in a pattern that reminded me of Mariana’s often drawn all-seeing triangle eyes. Last but not least in the package, one of my recycled hardcover hand-bound journals that had a few slight imperfections which made it unfit to sell but great for gift giving. Jillian Hermansen (@jillianailsa) found a package adorned with an address talking “man-appeal sweater” page from a knitting magazine. SEXY! Inside was a long-awaited-for who HOO zine, a sexy prince charles beach photo, a hannah montana party planning calendar, some vintage red rose tea cards, stickers, a note on cheeky cards and a magazine tear out featuring camping fashions from the 1970’s. The best gift of all? A blank sketchbook mounted into the gutted cover of a small hardback book called “cat care” mostly inspired by the cat ass sticker she sent me in her last envelope. Speaking of cat’s asses, I enhanced a hand-made envelope with the ca ass sticker from Jill and sent it to one of my besties Hannah Peterson (we go back to Jr. High) who is currently living in China teaching English! Crazy hey? I recently asked if she’d like to write letters and she was THRILLED at the idea. The weird thing about sending to China (which I have never done before) is you have to include the address in both English & Chinese characters. Inside for Hannah was a long, friendly note, Bieber, maple leaf stickers and a fabric maple leaf to remind her of the homeland, a sweet winged cyclops sticker, and finally some stickers for the menus when she goes out to eat at weird restaurants that say things like “tastes awful,” “just plain disgusting,” etc. And finally, Jeannine Saylor (@saylor_made) was surprised to find a package from me so soon, but knowing what Jeannine likes, I had been collecting a lot of goodies for her during my 6 week summer trip… so, this reply envelope pretty much came together on it’s own. The hefty present was an awesome full-color hard-cover photo book about ships and it was accompanied by other nautical themed treats including a ship sticker, a postcard from Norway featuring the harbour and a high quality photo print of an altered book page of mine that features a military ship and the found poem “an admirable job.” Other goodies included a small frog illustration on rice paper, a flash card featuring bees and my favorite of the bunch, an entire section featuring bees torn from an old field guide of insects that I found in Invermere. I bundled everything up into a natures my friend envelope and adorned it with a hand-drawn sailing ship. I hope everyone liked their treats this week, as the 4 I recieved brightened my days for sure. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback about these postal delights.

8 Responses to “as always, more marvelous mail art”

  1. Anna Jane Searle 10/09/2011 at 14:24 #

    Yet another fun and enjoyable mail art post to read and drool over :) I love the wildlife themed package you got off Marcus….and I am in love with the wolf postcard and fox drawing. My mum did a big essay on wolves when she was at school…I must dig it out and blog about it. The package you got from Brooke is amazing. Loving the Hedwig themed postcard and Prince Charles picture (made me laugh). OMG was Jeannine treated or what…….Ships are one of my favourite things too. I definitely know what theme to do for her next time I sent a package.

  2. KKLECTRIC 11/09/2011 at 12:37 #

    Thanks so much for the wee letter <3

  3. Jeannine | SaylorMade 11/09/2011 at 14:45 #

    I LOVED my package! It was so perfectly themed to my likes. I keep saying you spoil me rotten. There’s a reason people keep calling you the Queen of mail art, because you just SO good at it. Thank you again!!

  4. naturesmyfriend 11/09/2011 at 21:20 #

    Jeannine & Kira, you are both VERY welcome :D so happy my envelopes made you smile.

  5. Marcus 11/09/2011 at 21:29 #

    Sorry it took SO very long Jess, I’ve already started your next package…it’s gonna be epic. I miss you my friend and hope we get to see each other again soon.

    • naturesmyfriend 11/09/2011 at 21:39 #

      Thanks friend, this envelope was already great, but word of mounties in the next parcel has my curiosity peeked. Will finish up your reply sometime soon! dont worry our paths will cross one day soon for sure.

  6. Kye Sangha (@KyeSangha) 17/09/2011 at 17:07 #

    I honestly don’t know how you find the time! Beautiful post, as ever-reminding me to get my mail art out done-I’m behind! How do you do it??? Love Brook’s work, & am so glad she’s going for it!


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