mail art mania – bonus outgoing edition

26 Aug

I hadn’t sent much mail art while I was away from home and upon my return, the official tally of people I owed was 23! Uh, scary. I”ve been hard at work replying and am now down to owing only 8. While some are still flying across oceans or sitting in sorting boxes, other newly created replies have indeed already arrived plus a few letters that were sent during my travels. Here is the bonus edition of mail art mania: outgoing lettersWhile away, I sent my Johnny several love letters, including this one. There’s something extra sweet about taking the time to write a letter, even though we were skyping and texting almost everyday. The letters must have made John fall even harder in love with me, because a few days after my return home, he proposed to me!!!! Other people who I hold dear in my heart and enjoy writing to, are my grandparents. My one grandmother has lived in Ottawa her whole life, so we have been pen-pal-ing since I was a little girl. My other set of grandparents are super close to me, as they used to live across the street from me while I was in grade school! Since they moved back East many years ago, I have done my best to write them a letter every month or so to send them some love and keep them up to date with my on-goings. The first MAIL ART package I made upon my return home was for Crystal Plett   (@thehouseofheart).  As a fellow canuck, it felt right to gift her the original graphite drawing (sorry it’s wrapped in glassine in the photo) that I did for my Tim Horton’s tribute print for the Luxury Of  print exchange. Along with it a wee note, a C flash card, an envelope (recycled from kye sangha) with stickers, circle card & a classic tri-fold expense notebook, all sent inside a hand-made envelope from a page of a Where’s Waldo book.My first letter to Brooke Weeber (@thelittlecanoe) arrived this week and it was in an envelope I created as a demo for the kids at my snail mail surprises workshop with a cariboo calling out her address. Inside, a fantastic book page featuring illustrated characters with seriously epic facial hair, a little drawing about her twitter name “little canoe,” a note, stickers, stamps and an A/P of a Cross Bearing Ram Moleskine! Can’t wait to see what she sends back, I have long been a fan of her super unique illustrative style. Nick Ooysten, my bestie, got the raddest PEACHES envelope (she’s one of our fave electronic goddesses). Adhered with green washi tape, a serious peaches stares out at nick’s address, a fake peaches stamp to the right of her, and on the back is a full size picture of peaches dressed in one of her insanely outlandish outfits. Inside: leather moustache, “low blow” pog, winnie the pooh flash cards, a note on glittery leopard pattern paper and other ephemera & stamps in the oh-so-grotesque, yet somehow still cute “sweety pie’s fart army” envelope. My reply to Kimi Kobashi (@kimikobashi) came together easily, as she expressed a new found love for bisons! I gifted her one of my roaring bisons from the Animal Calls series and also included a decorative stamp, article and fun fact sheet about the furry mammals. Along with the bison treats, I also send roadtrip stickers, a moose card with a note inside, “creative hands” spine cover (because kimi’s got some of those) and a small paperback book that I found a thrift shop. The illustrations feature animals out apple picking – two things that made me think of kimi: cute creatures and a teacher’s favorite fruit! Ashley Gaia (@gaiaprints)’s  envelope came together quickly as well, as I had been keeping a few things aside for her the past little while. As always many bird themed treats made their way in there: birdy stickers, a letter written on a photo of peacock plumage, an illustration of penguins swimming and a book about cockatiels. Found ephemera included a sea turtle photo, film side of a polaroid transfer of palm trees, a set of free willy 2 pogs and an animal skull diagram. La piece du resistance? A photo print of a digital collage that I made for her called “The Spirit of the Fox.” Jennifer Woodfine is a good friend of mine from Junior High School. She is the kindest and most generous person who is the owner of the most infectious laugh on the planet! I miss her dearly! A few years after grad, she lived in the UK and has now been back in Vancouver for 2+ years. I finally acquired her address the other day, and wrote her a little something in the hopes of adding another beloved pen pal to my list. After receiving her last package, I found out Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard)has an undying love for rodents and finds them particularly cute, so I decorated  a sukie leaf envelope with a few cute rodents and she found it in her postbox today. Inside were some more rodent items including a found book page and  national geographic page. Stickers, fabric maple leaf and other fun found objects.I wrote to Jaime Madellena (@sendmoremail) on some handmade stationery that I also created as a demo example in my snail mail workshop for kids. Something I love about my trades with Jaime is that they are much more like having a traditional penpal; we can both always expect a lovely letter from one another. Sometimes little trinkets like drawings or teabags will sneak into an envelope, but a handwritten letter is always a treat in itself, so I hope she enjoyed my updates, DIY stationery and small ephemera. And thus we mark the end of a fantastic 3 days of mail art MANIA! But fret not, I’ve put together a dozen special envelopes that are currently making their way to the addressees. Plus I’m hoping I get lucky in the mail art department next week; I’ve only had 2/10 successful trips to the postbox since being home in the Cariboo, but luckily my stockpile from the 6 weeks that I was away (featured in mail mania part 1 & mail mania part 2) has me happily distracted from the current slow flow of letters. As always thanks for reading! Your comments and feedback are always welcome!

3 Responses to “mail art mania – bonus outgoing edition”

  1. Nick Oostyen 26/08/2011 at 22:33 #

    I’m so spoiled with these treats! Sorry it always takes me ages to get cool enough stuff to send back to you.I do have quite the growing stache of mail pressies!
    Love always

  2. Jeannine | SaylorMade 28/08/2011 at 15:33 #

    I love that each package you create is so different and customized and yet it has a definite Jessica style.

  3. kimi 29/08/2011 at 15:52 #

    Wowww! Every single package you send is so incredibly curated! I have to tell you that I love, love loved mine!! And it arrived so quickly ~ it seemed like the day after I mentioned my new buffalo adoration I received your package of bison! :D The print, the hilarious fact sheet, the article, the book, stickers … thank you, amazing artist Jessica!!!

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