mail art mania – PART 2

25 Aug

The voyeurism continues as I share the other half of my mailbox findings with you today in mail art mania part two! Tons more awesome snail mail coming your way right now: Cheetarah (@missthundercat) and I clearly have a love for some of the same things: stamps and beautiful papers. In her latest parcel sent in a hand-made envelope, she included plenty of both, along with some stickers, a postcard, an adorable mini envelope and gift tags. Might I add that she has a few stunning washi tapes – I am particularly fond of the little owls that were on the small envelope containing the stamps. Pagrum Boon, (@lemoncupcakes) was a bit of a sigh of relief. I was worrying that gone were the days of sending just a simple postcard with gorgeous hand-embellished elements, but Pagrum reassured me with her darling hand-drawn ink postcard, that this sentiment is still strong and much alive. Her meticulously patterned drawing, darling cursive and overwhelming kindness are all such a pleasure to experience. Plus when it comes to creating a reply, her gorgeous handwritten postcard is far less intimidating to respond to than some of the insanely elaborate packages I’ve been receiving as of late.Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard) wrote me a lovely note in metallic marker, and sent it along in a decorated, one of a kind patterned envelope with her cute moo cards, stickers, paper ruler, stamps, an ALMIGHTY CUP OF BLIGHTY tea bag, a coaster (with bonus drink recipe on the back) & an original drawing of a rat wearing bunny ears with the words “Acquired Cuteness” scrawled across the top. Fantastic assortment.Chantal Vincent (@chantal_vincent) blew my mind with her latest mail art gift. A hand-made book with gorgeous teal & blue paper collage, vintage maps, textured fabrics, an inventive narrative about the journey of henry the bird, and hand-carved relief prints of birds throughout its pages and on the cover. WOW WOW WOW. So beautiful! Plus she sure knows how to make my heart melt: she inscribed the back cover with the following message “For Jessica, Thanks for all the lovely mail art you’ve shared! C xo.” So sweet!Gabriella Barouch (@gabriellabr) is another mail art pen pal who gifted me an incredible one of a kind book. For her final project, Gabriella made some incredible illustrations to go with some of Edward Lear’s famous limerick poems. All of her drawings show incredible detail & texture while also dancing on the edges of hybridity with the natural push and pull of nature juxtaposed either against itself or a man made object. This amazing printed volume has already found a happy home on my bookshelf along with Chantal’s bound beauty. Oh, and Gabriella ALSO sent way too many awesome goodies along with the book: original illustrations (1 of a bike!!), a collection of postcards, sweet sticker and a way too cool illustrated fold-out poster for a music festival! holy moly.I got my first packaged from Anna Gwenllian (@annagwenllian) and it was oh-so-adorable! Inside: a couple postcards, one of which features Anna’s delicate drawing, some sweet origami (including blow-up instructions for the bunny), super awesome stickers, a feather scrapbook page, collected postal stamps, and some precious little drawings on small gift tags. A fabulous little assortment of treats. So impressed!Kimi Kobashi (@kimikobashi) always takes her time to collect a plethora of fun items to send me, making sure they have purpose or a sentimental relationship to one of us. Amongst the lovely goodies were found feathers, stickers, buttons, postcards and found ephemera. A good laugh was had with package of “rattle snake eggs” which held the old twisted up washer on an elastic trick (for rattlesnake sound effects when the envelope opens). A few references to bisons, Kimi’s fave new animal since her roadtrip, and a mini catalogue called nature walk which housed a unique object / art piece between each page.Last but certainly not least is Beverly Ealdama‘s (@beverly_e) envelope which was full of joyful sunshine as always. Being such a positive person, Bev creates fabulous typographical pieces that always seem to preach a good mantra: the original drawing “good times” or the print “smile more often” she gifted me are perfect examples. Hard not to instantly love these kind of things purely for the eternal optimism, but I also love her sense of color, the intricate line quality, pattern and play with text. Along with these topographic treats were some cool stickers, a funny info sheet about her old lord of the rings themed dorm & a nice note about how my blog is one of her favorite sources for inspiration. <3 So sweet.Wow… & there it all is!!! Pretty much my summer’s worth of mail! I’d say for the most part I’ve been pretty spoiled with snail mail and sunshine. Tomorrow a bit more mail art fun continues, with a peek at all the lovely things I have sent over the past month & have now arrived. So come on back tomorrow for some more of this on-going postal party.

4 Responses to “mail art mania – PART 2”

  1. rigel 25/08/2011 at 12:43 #

    I love this post. Each collection is incredibly inspiring in it’s own unique way :)

  2. Chantal Vincent 25/08/2011 at 19:27 #

    So glad you like the mail art Jess : ) You have such a beautiful collection here! Great drawings – you’ve obviously had a wonderful impression on so many people to be receiving all this fabulous mail back!

  3. Anna Jane Searle 26/08/2011 at 03:26 #

    Bloody hell woman you have been mega treated this last month. I really want that book from Gabriella Barough. I love the LOTR dorm theme booklet, that is awesome. everything is faboulicious.

  4. Jeannine | SaylorMade 28/08/2011 at 15:31 #

    Who doesn’t love a good mail art spoiling?! Love the Brugges postcard as it reminds me of our time there years ago. Now I’m seeing a little green with Chantal’s package. What a beautiful handmade book! I love so many bits from each package. A great way to return from a trip away from home.

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