mail art mania – PART 1

24 Aug

As you know I had a hectic and productive 6 weeks of summer away from home – and although I was thrilled to come home to a gorgeous pile of mail, the sheer amount of it made me nervous for the tedious tasks of blogging and replying. However I need to take the plunge or the stack will just keep growing. So without further ado, I’m sharing half of the lovely things my friends sent off to my postbox this past month. Tomorrow’s post will have the rest and on Friday I will let you peek at some things that I’ve sent off lately.Nothing like starting a blog post with a bit of late 1970’s smut. My hilarious pal Amanda McNair sent me a copy of a 1979 playboy magazine. The ladies are luscious of course, but the real gems are the ridiculous adverts with bad computer effects for things like ray ban sunglasses, jeeps, and whiskey. She wrote on a card that was quite funny also, emblazoned with a pattern & thick font reading “FROM ME” on the front. Too good. Jill Griffin (aka @jillgriffinart)’s parcel arrived in a postal safety bag, but I think all is there. To be honest, apart from the tea bag, it all may have arrived anyway as each panel was written as if it were a postcard: both mine & Jill’s addresses along with a stamp are on hand made postcards from a Where’s Waldo book. The entire piece is an instructional guide to brewing the perfect pot of tea: something I need to indulge in far more often. Rhya Tamasauskas (@Rhyat) made me the cutest little mini diorama with a bunny, carrot & cloud. While at my cabin, away from my postbox I had seen a similar version of him on Jeannine Saylor‘s blog and had my eyes turning a bit green –  but there is no longer any need for the jealousy. The best part about the package though was the fact that Rhya is still “working on (my) next mail art installment.” WHAT? Luckily I sent a little mini something back to her recently, so that her postbox still gets some cuteness arriving. Kye Sangha (@Kyesangha) did what she does best and spoiled me as always with her kind words and generous piles of paper goods. Hard to chose favorites amongst such a bonny pile, but there were a few things I especially appreciated in particular: first of all the cool postage stamps (which I am always a sucker for), lovely vintage sheet music on gorgeously thin paper, old book illustrations printed in orange blue and brown, a quirky card that I recently wrote to my grandparents in, a rad mini envelope made from a cartoon page and finally some sexy couple scratch game cards for Johnny and I. Dana Davis (@dzynmkr) sent her first collection of goodies to me in a bright & bold hand-made envelope, and she definitely included quite a variety of ephemera & originals: A set of 4 mixed media pieces themed around flowers and made with books, buttons and either watercolour or ink, a fun note about how to be an artist, slides of her past work, rubber stamps, awesome beer caps with a bike on them, a pencil, a cermaic coffee coin, a fortune, buttons and a collection of patterned paper. Someone who I’m currently supposed to be sending mail to, (@thehouseofheartCrystal Plett, decided to send a small package to me anyway, because her last creation fell apart during its journey and lost a few super cute stickers. Along with the replacement stickers she sent a recipe for her granny’s apple juice and some creative postcards wrapped inside a unique handmade envelope. So thoughtful! Ashley Gaia (@gaiaprints) sent along some birdly-cheer, as always, with an envelope adorned with a HUGE, sparkly bird sticker, another feather from her parrot and a bird card with a friendly note scrawled inside. Along with it was some gama-go stationery, tons of SUPER DUPER RAD stickers (including some nature ones about being green & loving your bike), random scrapbook papers and some original drawings and a thick oval shaped piece of hand-made paper that is orange. Aren’t I a lucky girl?! So spoiled in snail mail. Tomorrow’s post will feature the other half of my bountiful pile of mail art from many more talented creatives. Hope you enjoyed getting a peek at the first few fantastic packages; it’s always nice to share with you.

6 Responses to “mail art mania – PART 1”

  1. Charlotte Vallance 24/08/2011 at 13:23 #

    Wowsers! I’m quite jealous :-)

  2. Jeannine | SaylorMade 24/08/2011 at 19:03 #

    This could go down for Ezerd’s contest. I wrote a comment on here, forgot to hit Post Comment & closed the tab. Anyhoo, wonderful haul! Does it ever get old when I keep saying thank you for the mail art nudge and so many introductions? :D Rhya’s picnic was super fun and I’m glad you received one of your own to play with.

    • ezerd 27/08/2011 at 13:29 #

      haha. somehow you won anyway, jeannine! haha.
      jessica – this is fantastic!

  3. Dana Davis 24/08/2011 at 19:10 #

    We are going to find Jessica under a pile of mail art one day! Such a great collection of loot – if I do say so myself : ) So glad to see my package on display with so many other talented artists. Thanks Jess for introducing me to this little adventure.

  4. rhya 25/08/2011 at 06:38 #

    Wow…that is a pile! a pile of mail art!

  5. Anna Jane Searle 25/08/2011 at 08:55 #

    Loving the Where’s Waldo postcard, instruction kit….what a great idea. I want that parrot sticker so bad. Great Snail mail goodies as always :)

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