Justice Bicycle’s residency at the naturesmyfriend studio

23 Aug

One of my greatest, most talented and unique friends visited me this past weekend: the infamous Justice Bicycle (@JusticeBicycle). Our awesome friendship was forged in the days of our BFA at the Alberta College of Art & Design; we spent hours in the studio together, as both students & technicians, constantly inspiring and amusing one another. Since graduation we hadn’t seen as much of each other, solely due to the fact that I moved west to BC… so when we do spend time together, I hold the memories close to my heart. During the visit we ate tons of great vegetarian cuisine, drank beers, had backyard fires & more. But we were also productive in the studio: Justice Bicycle completed a set of relief prints, inspired by a 1979 Benson & Hedges magazine ad I gifted to her that featured a dude in a business suit, riding a motorbike, smoking a B&H cigarette. Two plates were carved to create the image: one that was printed in a deep sky blue (and a couple were done in a florescent purple for good measure). The second plate was printed on top in black.  All of the prints were hand lettered with ink and I was gifted one that was further enhanced by pink marker! How generous! It’s even inscribed with a special personal message: “thanks friend! I love you long time <3 justice b.” WHAT A WIN!!!I also carved my first lino plate since second year at ACAD, so it was quite interesting to return to some roots. Inspired by one of my most recently completed altered books, I decided to carve a barn owl in flight. However, I spent too much time meticulously carving my tiny lines and ogling over JB’s printing stages, that I haven’t gotten the chance to ink up my design yet. But, here’s a quick peek of the plate during the carving process & I will share more about it when I get around to printing the edition.Having Justice Bicycle at my little humble home in 100 Mile House, made me feel so special – after all, only one other friend (apart from parents) have made the trek out here, so it means a lot! With that in mind, I gifted Justice Bicycle a little something special before the departure – a cat themed cocao, coffee mug and photo frame set. While sipping morning coffee, or staring at our mini, cat-adorned photo, it will remind Justice Bicycle that we will be pals forever. Even when we are old fogies, we will be sitting together on the porch, shooting whiskey and holding shotguns… that’ll be the day.

4 Responses to “Justice Bicycle’s residency at the naturesmyfriend studio”

  1. KKLECTRIC 23/08/2011 at 10:25 #

    Buhhh this is so sweet it brought a tear to my eye! Crazy friends are the best! <3

  2. Crystal 23/08/2011 at 14:26 #

    Oh my goodness this is simply amazing! I am leaving to head back to Manitoba for a week or two and can’t wait to have bonfires with friends and walk down memory lane with some friends.
    It is really special that you still have this creative friendship. I looks like you ladies had a blast together.
    I hope you are having a wonderful time being newly engaged!
    Much Love,

  3. ezerd 27/08/2011 at 13:27 #

    Wow! So much awesome right there!


  1. outgoing letters | - 07/11/2011

    […] as Justice Bicycle (@JusticeBicycle)) got a postal delight from me as well! When she was here for her printmaking residency, she got a kick out of watching my chubby neighbour ride up and down the street clumsily on roller […]

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