why you should buy art

19 Jul

Been meaning to get back to posting more often, but have been fairly distracted as of late, so take this as somewhat of a promise to be more consistent. I was reading through my Art in America magazine on the screened porch this morning, and came across a fabulous drawing by Contemporary American artist William Powhida. This piece especially speaks to me at this particular point in time, as I am hoping for a few more sales at my solo exhibition. Plus, how many times have I found myself trying to explain the value of visual art to people? I think I might just have to make a couple photocopies of Powhida’s work to carry in my back pocket, ready for potential buyers who need just a little extra convincing… speaking of convincing a few people, today is the last day of my SUPER MOLESKINE SALE: don’t miss out, be sure to visit my etsy shop.

One Response to “why you should buy art”

  1. Russelle Adams 19/07/2011 at 17:30 #

    I think in the future more people will buy art regularly, and hand made functional items…from their local artists…we all need would benefit from supporting local artists and crafts persons…first you end up with cooler stuff…and also it insulates your local economy from waves…when more people work for themselves…

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