two trouts swim free, with the spirit of another in their hearts

5 Jul

I had a sad return home to the South Cariboo last week, when I visited my out n’ about trout only to find him badly battered... He’s definitely hurt, but somehow still swimming. I don’t know who wanted to harm my sweet, little, water-treading friend, but their malice definitely put a bit of sadness in my heart. Perhaps, one day, I will bring some media and fix him up, but for now I am mourning.So, it was a welcome treat to have two friends send me e-mails this week that had my trout’s brothers swimming far, wide and FREE. Live on with the memory of your sibling my little ones! First to cheer me up was Marcus Jackson (aka @luckyjackpress) of Yellowknife, NT who wrote a charming little note about his trout habitat site selection.  “Hi Jess! I finally put this little guy up on a bright blue post at the museum to help direct the traffic! There is a lot of vandalism in Yellowknife so  I wanted to make sure he’d be someplace safe. The dumpster across the parking lot is covered with spray painted ravens so he has company but they can’t eat him!” Rad. May he swim on forever, leading people towards discovery and knowledge at the museum. The second is my robotic friend Ezerd (aka @ezerd) from New York. She found a lovely spot for her fishy friend that allows him to be quite camouflaged. Here’s what she had to say “Hey hey! I got ya trout right he-a… This is a section of uptown kingston known for its graffiti. I like how the trout is subtle. You can’t see it until you get pretty close to it. Sneaky trout. Yeah yeah. Love love.” Fabulous! If you would like to see more photos of trout, swimming in public places all around the world, please visit the original post out n’ about trout which has links to all 25 participating artists fishies (including the original, gorgeous state of my poor little trout).


One Response to “two trouts swim free, with the spirit of another in their hearts”

  1. cArol 05/07/2011 at 18:32 #

    What a cool idea, Jessica. I enjoyed reading about the origin of the trout and now seeing how it’s going now. Sorry yours had some problems, but I know you can fix him up beautiful again. Always happy to see another’s love of nature. : )

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