envelope excitement – for them

13 Jun

Last week’s mail art activities were so busy, I have to split my post into two categories (incoming and outgoing). So, without further ado, the envelopes that my friends discovered recently: Mister Johnny Dimas (aka @federales) found an envelope adorned with a puffy axolotl which contained one of the last distributed owl zines along with fun GANGSTER stickers, a hilarious graffiti photo of a one dollar bill (who doesn’t love potty humor), sexy Norwegian ladies on a postcard and some random excuses from a discovered excuse book for kids. My first trade for Sumi Senthi (aka @sumiart) arrived: it was sent in a screenprinted envelope featuring my “true connection” piece. A tasty rhubarb pie recipe, tons of fun stickers, a true or false animal page, a notecard featuring my filigree deer and the raddest 1970’s advert for an A+ lawnmower. I’m finding it easier to create envelopes for bear fanatic Michelle Ashton (aka @zbyshka). Seems that now during my everyday life, if I see any bear items, I collect them, stash them, and later send them away to London town. 3 bear stickers (and a bonus one on the envelope), luke wallers gorgeous crowned polar bear postcard, a picturesque scene from norway (which reminds me a bit of the lake louise image I sent her last time), a panda bear illo from a 70’s mag and a few other fun things! Jessica Mack (aka @brownpaperbunny) deserved an awesome envelope from me this week after interviewing me about snail mail for creative collective! I was so flattered… she dubbed me the ‘queen of mail art’! Awesome… now if only that granted me certain perks, like free postage. Oh well, sometimes the reward is in the glory! Anyway, I sent a stamp and sticker plastered envelope her way. Inside was a little paperback book I had found at the thrift store and couldn’t resist buying for her: “The one and only bunbun” with a little girl holding a rabbit. No idea if the story is crap, but i figured the title and cover were enough to make it worth sending to OZ. Along with it was just a bunch of fun ephmera, stickers, activity sheets and a mini card. Getting another dose of 1970’s snowmobiling victory was Ezerd (aka @ezerd). Along with this absolute beauty she can add to her collection, I also sent robotic stickers, a bunch of note paper for her to use, and some Bieber stickers (awesome whether you love him or hate him). Oh, and how could i forget, the very obscure drawings I found in a second-hand book… something so random, I knew only ezerd could appreciate it as much as me.  Ashley Gaia (aka @gaiaprints) finally got an envelope that I’ve been dying for her to discover in the postbox. This has to be one of the prettiest DIY envelopes I have ever made. This gorgeous feather adorned scrapbook paper was the perfect place to start for this bird-loving/bird-rescuing girl. With some nature loving stamps in the corners and sealed with my “postal stamp” washi tape and special delivery sticker, this envelope was complete. Inside I stuffed all sorts of feather themed treats. My favorite of which was a piece of paper that I embossed with a feather pattern. The envelope I sent to Michelle Lasalvia (aka @pirichi) must have been sent by owl courier. It arrived so quickly! Inside a fun little bird drawing singing “pirichi”, a magazine page that demonstrates all the proper ingredients needed for a good evening at home, two cat stickers, some funky labels, stickers of places around the world, a tattered playing card that was hidden in a thrift book I bought, 70’s add ephemera and one of my fancy new business cards. Jill Griffin (aka @jillgriffinart) found a diy made envelope filled with fun goodies! My favorite thing was a flip book that had 20 some characters in there. You chose a head, a body and feet to make your own silly character! Jill did a quick little post of her daughter enjoying it… made my heart melt! Other goodies included were postcards (one of which is by the talented Luke Waller), some 70’s music ephemera, freak out pogs, a tasty donut illustration (taken off a donut box from BJ’s Donuts, the local coffe shop) and some fun patterned stickers. Dana Davis (aka @dzynmkr) was so excited about her first mail art treats from me, and she wrote a lovely blog about it where she expressed interest in making new mail art friends, so hit her up! For her introduction to the glory of mail art, I sent a filigree deer notecard, 3 blank postcards for her to use, fun and colorful stickers, a queen of hearts card, and a 1970’s telescope add (sometimes I have to remind dana that she’s a star). They were all wrapped up in one of my hand-made DIY envelopes sealed with washi tape.After sending me an over-zealous trade, I had to keep the magic going for miss Kye Sangha (aka @kyesangha). Her package had a who? HOO! zine, stickers, a word-search, excuse sheet, a norway postcard, animals, maple leafs, temporary tattoos and ephemera all stuffed inside one of my DIY made envelopes. Marissa Falco (aka @czarcastic) finally was gifted a mail art reply: I sent her another owl adorned envelope after the first guy i sent went missing (a little blog post about the tragedy: R.I.P. the pink owl). Inside – 2 replacement zines, (marissa is a zine aficionado) a man playing a (presumably sad) tune on the fiddle about our first envelope loss, A 1970’s kitchen aid book and some other fun stickers and ephemera. And last, but of course not least, is a purple molecular bear envelope which flew to the UK for Anna Gwenllian (aka @annagwenllian) covered mostly in pretty vintage stamps. Inside, a sexy catalogue man postcard, a mini budget binder, patterned paper, an old library sign out card, stickers and maple leafs. Phewph! We made it!!! Busy postboxes my friends have… keeps me on my toes on the blogging front. Takes a while to put these posts together, but am so happy to share the snail mail love and am proud of the many interactions I have with these fine creatives.

4 Responses to “envelope excitement – for them”

  1. Kye Sangha 13/06/2011 at 10:55 #

    Your mail art is awesome~You do deserve the Mail Art Queen title! Thanks for sharing the love! (Oh & I love my envelope of goodies, btw-I did write about it on my blog. Just so you know I’m properly appreciative!)

  2. Jeannine | SaylorMade 13/06/2011 at 10:58 #

    You certainly are a busy lady! I can see why you split up the posts. Postal strike? What strike??

  3. ezerd 13/06/2011 at 13:45 #

    Mail Art Machine!
    Go Jess Go!

  4. Michelle 13/06/2011 at 16:11 #

    I love mine!!! Your mail arts Jess are like little treasures :)

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