black and bold

9 Jun

There are so many red-winged blackbirds around this area because we have 3,000 lakes in the South Cariboo, which means we also end up with tons of lush marshland (the place blackbirds like to hang out most). We see both males and females at our feeder and in the front yard’s tree. Seeing even more of these gorgeous winged creatures  down at the marsh last week gave me some added inspiration needed to finish up an altered book page I’d been working on to add to my framed feathers installation. I included a few progress shots… which I am still getting used to: Sometimes it’s hard to remind yourself to stop, put down the pencil or paintbrush and just SNAP a photo. The found narrative/poem for this piece reads “Black and bold. he was beautiful!” and the image is created with gouache, pencil, ink and watercolour. This page is taken from a book I particularly love altering. The title of the book is “the story girl” and sometimes I feel like it could be an appropriate nickname for me when speaking about my altered book work: With my book work, I always begin by creating my own narrative from existing words, then allow them to shape the imagery.A couple detail shots here too, so that you get get a better idea of the the book page and the layers. Finally, here’s the blackbird in his radtastic gold frame for the exhibition: I am excited about this creation; it is nice to inject some bright color into my developing arrangement of golden/wood framed works. I think at least one or two more altered pages will make their way into the framed feathers portion of my exhibition. Many other altered books to come with the found fiction portion of my show, featuring my unique 3-d wall hung books.

14 Responses to “black and bold”

  1. Anna Jane Searle 09/06/2011 at 10:41 #

    I really like this….I have never heard of blackbirds that have red on their feathers.

  2. Kye Sangha 09/06/2011 at 10:52 #

    He’s so beautiful! I so wish I could come to your show & throw all kinds of money around! But I think I’d buy him first (in this really lovely fantasy you’ve got lots of crazed people shoving cash at you, but the blackbird is MINE! Muahahahaahhaaa!!!)

  3. naturesmyfriend 09/06/2011 at 10:56 #

    Thanks ladies. Oh Kye, if only there were more people like you in this world!!! I am hoping to show is a success, but not so sure i’ll have uber fans running around the gallery with fists full of ca$h going “MINE, MINE MINE!!!!”

  4. Nick Oostyen 09/06/2011 at 11:34 #


  5. stphnwlkr 09/06/2011 at 17:43 #

    This is really beautiful.
    Loving the way the piece is portrayed. :)

  6. Chantal Vincent 09/06/2011 at 20:57 #

    I’m so impressed that you have managed to find the perfect page and that the words sit beautifully in relation to the picture of the bird! You are full of surprises! Thanks your sharing the process : ) Wish I could make it to your exhibition too!!

  7. James 09/06/2011 at 21:01 #

    I LOVE this re-altering and repurposing of the readings, as well as the layering. Definitely want to see more in the future!

  8. naturesmyfriend 09/06/2011 at 21:38 #

    Thank you to all of you for your kind words! If you are interested in this style of work you can feast your eyes on a couple more of my altered book works at my portfolio site

  9. rica 10/06/2011 at 00:29 #

    it must have been a thrill finishing this and finding just the perfect words to accompany this handsome bird fellow. super nice.

  10. ezerd 10/06/2011 at 14:15 #

    ohhh…love it. red-winged blackbirds always remind me of my dad. he always said they were the true harbinger of spring, but they make me think of him year round… love love.

  11. MelodyJ 10/06/2011 at 14:15 #

    Black and bold he was beautiful. Awesome! Not only is the bird beautiful so is your work.

  12. anika 11/06/2011 at 09:06 #

    this is really wonderful. we occasionally get red-winged black birds in my area, but only for a short time while they are on their way to somewhere else. They never stay long enough in my opinion. Seeing their little flash of red is so exciting, and you’ve captured it beautifully with your painting and carefully selected words.

  13. Johnny 11/06/2011 at 17:10 #

    This is really awesome! The black bird illustration is great, and the execution is perfect. This is going to be a nice exhibition of work!


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