le nick’s trout

3 Jun

One of my bestest friends EVER Nick Ooysten, who lives in my second home Invermere, British Columbia, often receives a lot of mail from me. For the most part I end up mailing him hand made buttons/badges or obscure pins that I’ve collected from vintage/charity shops everywhere. Why? Because he wears a golf hat that is completely covered… IT’S SO RAD! Below are a few of the recent beauties he’s had shipped off to him.Anyhow, I changed up the pace in his post box a bit lately by including him in my newest international collaborative art adventure: Out N’ About Trouts. Since Nick doesn’t really blog or twitter, I am happily posting these photos on his behalf so that you can see where his trout now swims freely. In his e-mail “Well I went lookin’ for a spot and the decrepit looking mural by mercer&co seemed like very natural habitat for the trout. I gave the wall a quick wipe and got Mr. Trout good and moist before putting him in the lake (haha). Gonna enjoy seeing him when I’m in and around town and YOU when you are here in TWO WEEKS!!So there he swims; right off of main street, across from the post office and next to Mercer & Co, swimming in Lake Windermere on that shabby old mural. Awesome. I can’t wait to see it in real life (as Nick said I am planning a trip back to the valley and through Calgary to do some etching and visit family/friends). If you enjoyed this post, please view the original trout page to see other trouts who have already been released in amazing places like California, Australia, London and other spots in BC! Also be sure to check back often, as 19 more trout have yet to find a home in their new city.

One Response to “le nick’s trout”

  1. le Nick 03/06/2011 at 19:04 #

    reading this post made me feel awesome.
    Super excited to see youuuuuuu

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