rabbit exchange prints

1 Jun

Above is one of the first few prints I made on my gocco press right before the new year. It was created in an edition that I submitted to the Year of the Rabbit Print Exchange. Now that the exhibition/sale in Toronto is finished, they sent a couple prints back my way. Unfortunately the package arrived damaged and one of the prints was slightly ripped on the edge. However it isn’t too noticeable, so I’m not going to bother getting on the phone with Canada Post (I did that dance to no avail when my Art House Co-op sketchbook project went missing, I’ll save myself the 30 pointless minutes this time around). Anyhow I was lucky to get 2 prints back from the exchange (slightly ripped or not). The first one is a linocut titled “Ra Ra Rabbit” by Kathleen McCrea from a student at the Ohara School of Art. It has two little bunnies kissing in the front and another on the side as the year 2011 repeats in the background. The other is a piece by Krysia Bower who did a pretty woodcut and printed it with a white acrylic then flocked it with silver sparkles. She included a little statement that I thought was cute and wanted to share: “During the winder months when the forest floor is covered deep with snow, I see the occasional rabbit tracks – never a rabbit. They seem to hide under piles of brush and snow only to emerge in the spring and invade my garden just as the flowers are starting to bloom. There they sit, among my tulips, munching at earth’s table of abundance.” They sent me a postcard of the exhibition details which is always nice to keep in a sketchbook or piled with other documentation. Along with it was an entry form for next year’s exchange 2012 THE DRAGON and a thank you for participating. Print exchanges are always a great way for printmakers to exhibit work outside of a local area, and also grants them with some bonus artwork in return!

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