envelope elation

29 May

I got mail everyday again this week!!! I am elated by all of these awesome envelopes… It all started off with a lovely decorated envelope sent from Michelle Lasalvia (aka @pirichi) of Vancouver. Inside was a detailed zine from a limited edition of 18 that features Michelle’s delicate drawings of bunch of different birdies. There was also some amazing one of a kind ink/pencil crayon creations: an original drawing of a pink balloon on a card and 9 oval stickers hand drawn just for me!Another gorgeously detailed envelope arrived from the talented Kimi Kobashi (aka @kimikobashi). She had been keeping the envelope for weeks: carrying it with her from home to work and even to bed slowly adding doodles when finding time. Inside were things that she had been tucking away for me like a handmade grass paper, ribbon tied in a gorgeous knot, oragami, earth day treats and several paper goods. Well worth the wait that Kimi keeps needlessly apologizing for! Here’s her little blog tribute to the envelope. My incredible friend Alistair Gow from Scotland (who I met during my BFA while he was in Canada on an exchange program) sent me a lovely reply package this week. We have kept in touch via the internet for a couple years, but before christmas I asked if we could start writing letters instead of e-mails, and he was totally in. This envelope featured a two page hand-written letter informing me of bunch of wonderful news, including his involvement with a non-profit printmaking organization in Glasgow…  I loved reading it… felt so much more personal than a typed, intangible entity. Along with the letter was a poster from a local gallery and two of his recent etchings – one of which is a first pull proof of a piece that he’s currently working on! RAD. Kye Sangha (aka @kyesangha) is such a sweetheart. So much so that she decided to send me some of her baked goodies!!! Unfortunately, I live in such a tiny town, and with the US border to cross, and a missing number in the postal code, I’m afraid they took a bit too long to get here. One of the four bags had gone wrong, and started growing some green friends… however the other 3 treat bags look totally edible! My cousin instantly sampled a brownie and gave his nod of approval. Cookies are always good, especially when dunked in milk, and if those muffins are still soft, well you can rest assured that they will be devoured. Maybe I can lure Kye into sending another package to “test” how long a parcel would take if it had all the postal code digits? This idea is so I can further educate myself about the postal system… it has nothing to do with me wanting more tasty baked treats….Valeria Poropat (aka @valeriadraws) blew my mind with a very generous envelope containing puffy owl stickers, a Gaudi-esque bookmark from Barcelona, an incredible vintage map of Rome and a gorgeous hand made journal with an original portrait painting of a sweet kimono-garbed japanese girl. SO CUTE and SO THOUGHTFUL. I guess Valeria’s been thinking of making me a journal since I sent her this one of a kind painted journal a few months ago. The gesture and effort is much appreciated.Ezerd (aka @ezerd) sent a wee reply my way in a lemon colored envelope adorned with spider woman and elktra stamps. HOW COOL. Inside was an ezerd chicken head card, some stripe stickers and a few photocopied images with secret messages. One of which was correct “today’s gunna rock”… I had an awesome day I found that envelope because one of my favorite cousins, Jack Wershler, came to visit and stay with us!!! One of my owl zine trades also arrived yesterday from the sweet Carolyn Matthews who send a digital print of her Mom and owl chicks. Trade owls for owls – makes perfect sense to me!!! She also included a nice note and some fun things she thought I would find interesting or that I could pass along in mail art. The wonder woman ephemera is too good, and will likely find its way to my sister in Calgary who is OBSESSED with the classic tiara wearing heroine. I have been a big fan of the very talented Gabriella Barouch (aka @GabriellaBr) for quite sometime, so when she agreed to do mail art with me I was thrilled! I got even more excited when I realized that this new pen pal was from Israel! Can’t wait to see the stamps on her reply package! I started off the trading and sent her an A/P print of my elk & 6 cardinals on a book page, my owl zine, stickers, a postcard and a true or false farm animal page. I then sealed ’em all up in one of my hand-made envelopes and adorned it with our addresses and a couple super cute puffy japanese cat stickers from Granville Island. Diane Turner (aka @Deer_oh_Dear) had sent me the most epic first package seen here, so I had to make sure her reply envelope was full of win. I started with a hand-made envelope then stamped on her address and an owl friend in red ink. I filled it right full of treats including stickers, an owl zine, a coca-cola coaster, a 1970’s winnebago add and most importantly one of my 10 layer screenprints of Queen Elizabeth. I think she’s a happy gal, she sure seemed like one when she wrote her blog post about itChantal Vincent (aka @Chantal_vincent) got her second dose of mail art from me, also in a hand-made envelope. A mini hand-made note-book for to do lists was accompanied by a sexy 1970’s cigarette add, a filigree deer note, stickers, a who? HOO! zine, postcards and joke pages. View her blog post about it hereLast but of course not least is the dynamic drawing duo Harriet Gray and Luke Waller, after house sitting for several weeks, came home to two envelopes from me. The handmade envelope contained a zine that I traded with Harriet, while the other was an envelope for them both… inside was an everyday art adventure that 23 other friends were sent as well. For more information on this exciting international collaborative project check out out n’ about troutsThanks to my pen pals for all the treats and thanks to my readers for enjoying another lengthy, yet always fun-filled mail art post from yours truly.

5 Responses to “envelope elation”

  1. Thuraya Lynn 29/05/2011 at 12:38 #

    This is an explosion of lovelyness!

  2. ezerd 29/05/2011 at 14:38 #

    I love. I love. What a great mailbox you have. Know why it’s like that?
    Because you rock! No denying it. Yup yup.

  3. Kye Sangha 29/05/2011 at 15:58 #

    Oh dear god I want your friends!! Great post-thanks for sharing all the goodies with us!

  4. kimi 30/05/2011 at 00:31 #

    Wow, what a bountiful week in your mailbox. I’m so glad you liked my packet and I’m fascinated to see the pretty, creative and truly inspired things that everyone came up with!

  5. valeria poropat 31/05/2011 at 12:34 #

    I finally got the chance to comment on this. THANK YOU for your kind words dear. To tell the truth I’ve been thinking about a handmade journal to you when we decided to start doing mailart :) but never found the courage to actually do a journal.
    Love V.

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