21 May

This week was so busy in mail art land, that I think I’m gunna have to start posting more than once a week or start to simplify my posts! Anyhow, I finished the outgoing mail art post which has helped relieve some writing stress, so without further ado, let’s get all the weight off my shoulders by presenting the incoming mail art that arrived in my postbox this week: I got a long awaited package from Ashley Gaia (aka @gaiaprints) that was chock full of win including stickers, a belated birthday card, screen printed paper “brass knuckles” bookmarks and more! The 4 plate etching of hers that she sent me is INCREDIBLE! I love love love it. Oh and I ought to not forget the wee stockpile of parrot feathers she included. Even more next time please!!! I replied to Ashley just the other day and am anxious for her to get it and excited to share it with you via the blog when it arrives. Tau (aka @Studio_tau) asked if we could continue being pen pals after we did a trade for one of my first zines. This is the second mail correspondence she has sent me and there was quite the variety of treats. Some images of Tau’s incredible mixed media bird pieces, a vintage valnetine card, some worldwide stamps, a gorgeous stag from what looks to be a vintage publication, an adorable original bird drawing, and few other bits and bobs all stuffed in a handmade map envelope and adorned with classic style stamps.

A pretty little bear adorned envelope showed up from the one and only Michelle Ashton (aka @zbyshka) who is the biggest bear fanatic I know. I can always expect to find a few of those furry creatures in her mail art packages like these silhouette cut-outs, or her little ink drawing, or the postcard of Pooh a sun bear. This time along with the bears were some seriously awesome 3-D stickers, a dancing cat pin and a lovely note. I got my first envelope from Katie Whittington (aka @aspetalsfall) this week. Starting off with a double-sided zine with one story about how bears really don’t make that great of friends… it was TOO funny! She included a little textile piece with a button moon and ‘mountains of wool.’ Some vintage add ephemera about provost oats, which are ‘simply the best oats’, an assortment of buttons, some of her patterned paper and a postcard. An envelope showed up from Jeannine Saylor (aka @saylor_made) with my name stamped so large that any granny would be able to decipher it without glasses! I wonder if these were the rad vintage alphabet stamps she picked up from that craft fair? Anyhow, inside the envelope was an illustration from a children’s book with a bunch of animals doing silly things, a few artic sea animal stickers, a set of handmade postcards that feature a globe pattern transfer, and a drawing about one of our inside jokes which made me literally bust a gut laughing: When it comes to vegetables, I love brussels and she loves mushrooms, yet we detest each other’s favorite. A busy bunny known as Jessica Mack (aka @brownpaperbunny) was quick with her mail art reply which had a darling drawn bear and a lunch of fishies, a limited edition leaf print, one of her robots made from a recent stencil she carved, stickers, stamps and coolest of all? A note written in secret invisible ink that turns blue only when heated!!! I’m going to start calling her Harry Potter, because honestly, it was magic. I found out Harriet Gray (aka @harrietgray) had a little jealousy bug bite her when some mail art I made for her partner Luke Waller arrived in the mail. So when she was one of the people who signed up for an owl zine trade, I was excited for her to taste victory while Luke would have to stare longingly from the background. For her end of the trade, she sent me some Sukie treats, her own postcards and sticker and a gorgeous pocket mirror with her piece ‘vixen’ on the back. How lovely!!! Shana Mattheis (aka @shanamatteis) is another lovely gal who signed up to trade for a zine. I recieved a cheeky postcard that says “give me some good advice in your next letter and i promise not to follow it” a quote by Edna Millay. Also included were a lovely green note paper and a cute little blue and green beaded ring.  The second trade I did with Louise Kiner (aka @dksister) arrived and was flattered to see that is was a unique, hand-bound journal! Louise just did a little course on book-making and gifted me one of the three she created. The cover features natural and postal refences and inside is gorgeous translucent paper that I think would make for some beautiful graphite drawings. The other great thing about this is I know how much dexterity book-binding can demand at times, and so this must mean miss Louise must is on the mend from tendinitis. Last but not least was a package from miss Helen Vine  (aka @wednesdayvine) whose zine trade arrived this week. In her package was a zine featuring some of her beautiful nature inspired drawings, a pile of postcards (that I will have to induct into my mail art supplies), a pretty patterned paper from one of her designs, business cards and a charming note card. Thank you so much to everyone who helps to make my trips to the postbox so rewarding!

6 Responses to “incoming”

  1. Michelle 21/05/2011 at 19:11 #

    Darn, I’m far too predictable! This is why I asked you which other animals you love, before I run out of bears. I didn’t want to part with ANY of the 3d bear stickers when I found them, but knew you’d appreciate them more than anyone else I know! The lady at the post office was impressed with the envelope and said I should come and decorate behind the counter, haha!

    You’ve received so much awesome stuff. I especially love Helen Vine’s package.

    • naturesmyfriend 21/05/2011 at 19:16 #

      I love bears a lot of course, but also adore foxes, wolves, deer, elk, squirrels, big horn sheep, birds of all kinds… I really like all animals; I dont discriminate. But the above mentioned are definitely some of my favorites.

  2. Jeannine | SaylorMade 21/05/2011 at 19:41 #

    I’m happy to read that you busted a gut over my vegetable propaganda. You’re right, the stamps were the community garage sale super-find I blogged about a while back.

  3. Kye Sangha 22/05/2011 at 21:58 #

    Brussels sprouts vs mushrooms! Yay!
    How fun! As ever I am agog by the talents of your friends.

  4. Dianne 23/05/2011 at 04:20 #

    The feathers in t hat first package are amazing!!!!!


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