RIP the pink owl who lost her way

16 May

Like a few other tragic postal accidents I’ve been a victim of, this one hurts me pretty bad: I had sent a pink owl adorned envelope off to the fantastic Marissa Falco (aka @czarcastic) back in March, stuffed with random goodies, my first zine and a hand-bound notebook. The pretty little thing quickly flew home, since she didn’t have enough postage to make the journey. I told her not to worry, and sent her back on her way with more than enough stamps to ensure a safe flight the second time around…. I guess I was wrong. Unfortunately neither Marissa nor I have seen the sweetheart since. I can only assume that she and the contents were intercepted by the same postal thieves who also kidnapped my art house sketchbook. It may turn up, but the realist in me knows when to give up hope. Such a shame. I will just have to make a replacement mail art envelope…. One things for sure though, those crooked posties certainly have impecable taste!

3 Responses to “RIP the pink owl who lost her way”

  1. anika 16/05/2011 at 15:15 #

    how sad to lose such a lovely collection in the mail. i’m glad that you at least have a photo to remember it by.

  2. Crystal 19/05/2011 at 14:08 #

    This is so sad when this happens. I am still waiting on a envie that was sent to me back in February from a good friend in Australia. I think the mail lady kept it for herself but I am still hopeful it will show up at my door step… one day on day.
    This round queen ‘playing card’ is so fun!


  1. mail art monsoon | - 24/07/2011

    […] did I hear Sumi say STICKER MACHINE? gotta get me one of those! I sent a replacement envelope for the pink owl that lost its way, and I am happy to report that it made it, because I recently got a reply envelope from Miss […]

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