bears and beards

11 May

After completing the lengthy collaborative bear lovin blog post, my twitter pal Donathon Crew (@diskgrunt) recommended that I check out a collaborative book titled “Bearfight” that was released by Banner Year Press. The titled alone was enough to get me googling the company, but once I saw their product, I knew my Visa was in trouble… “Banner Year Press is a small press publishing imprint founded by BT Livermore. We’re located in Portland, Oregon and specialize in small-run, hand-crafted art books, comics, and other printed matter.” Bearfight has a screenprinted cover and is created within a limited edition of only 500. It features the work of 77 international artists who were asked to draw a bear that is fighting something. The book is full of EPIC illustrations and it has the most gorgeous tactile quality. I thought I would share a few of my favorite pieces/artists:  James A. Holland  Aidan Koch James Turner Rodrigo Aviles M. Bilokur  Melissa Tillery

While continuing to browse BYP’s book selection, it was impossible for me not to digitally lunge at this next copy. “B is for Beard” created solely by the founder of Banner Year Press, BT Livermore. This book is “an alphabetic exploration of facial hair. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by either a style of facial hair or a historical figure known for his (or her) facial follicles.” As a facial hair admirer and lover, I had to own a volume from this limited edition run of 500.Here are a few of my favorite letters from the bearded alphabet: Salvador Dali – serious surrealism, serious wax job. Frida Kahlo – the only female to grace the pages of this book. Jesus – a true trendsetter. ZZ Top – I even remember admiring their album covers when I was a little girl.

Thanks again to Donathon for suggesting the first volume to me, and for introducing me to this wonderful print company in Portland. I am rather jealous of their awesomeness and can only hope that one day I will be a big shot printmaker with book publishing capabilities… Until then, I’ll just be digitally salivating at BYP’s website and real-time drooling over my two new volumes.

One Response to “bears and beards”

  1. anika 12/05/2011 at 10:47 #

    I’m a big fan of small run & self published books, especially when they are art books, or just look & feel great. They both look really awesome, but there’s something about that alphabet book that I find really charming–maybe because they included Frida Kahlo for the letter K? Or just the fact that all the drawings are pretty hilarious?

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