to and from Canada, Italy, US, UK & Oz

2 May

As you may know, it was my birthday on the 30th, so I did end up with a couple sweet treats in the mailbox. The first came from Alberta and was courtesy of my fabulous sister Ali @mrsalimartin and her hubby Andy @MISTAHMARTIN. They sent me a parcel chock full of birthday goodies! Stamps, blank cards, stickers, cupcake mix, scrapbook paper and the raddest element shirt with a fox and little toadstool mushrooms! BIRTHDAY VICTORY! Also travelling from Alberta and for my birthday, was a parcel from Rene Helm, John’s mom. She crocheted me an adorable toque that is perfect for chilly spring weather… love the detail too, it reminds me of a seashell! Plus it came packaged with a light up, light-saber sound making, Yoda card! WHAT?! Marcus Jackson aka @luckyjackpress knew it was my birthday and thus sent me a special package. The outer envelope was made with vellum, which sadly broke during shipping, but made it with the help of a PO bag! The torn package contained some really precious treats: a mini handbound book, a letter written over pictures of foxes, a small grey envelope filled with collage and scrapbook bits and an Edward Gorey print about little Basil dying via bears. Great birthday/mail art prezzies. Beverly Ealdama aka @beverly_e did a trade for one of my first zines and she sent back more than my fair share: two postcards, a sweet note, a copy of her very uplifting zine A Million City Lights and a drawing made just for me inspired by my electra karma bike!!! SICK. The bike drawing was instantly on the studio wall. Luke Waller aka @lucaxun of the UK replied to me with 4 of his gorgeous illustration postcards and an impressive wax seal that I have attempted to preserve in a mini ziplock bag. I am also in awe of his business card… the photo doesn’t do it justice, but there is a gorgeous glossy sheen across the entire crown. We also both had a chuckle at the gRowling, an all too common ‘mistake.’ This past week a few friends were treated by mail art from me. The first I’ll mention was off to the UK for JillianGriffin aka @Jillgriffinart who received her starter envelope in our mail art adventures. It had a llama magazine cut-out as well as a screenprint a/p, stickers, found objects and even a where’s waldo poster page. Hoping it was a nice change to her regular influx of bills and boringness.

I wrote a note to fellow Canadian and mail lover Jaime Maddalena aka @sendmoremail  on my new owl notepad and sent a plethora of fun objects along with it, in hopes that it would tickle her mail box’s fancy. I also made sure to include a check for the little lady, because I am desperate to own more of her fantastic vintage Canada postage stamps! I sent my first mail art envelope to Michelle Lasalvia aka @pirichi since we have decided to start trading. A wordsearch, art postcard, one of my zines, a screenprint, colored string, comics & more were stuffed inside the Vancouver-bound envelope! For my creative Italian friend Valeria Poropat aka @valeriadraws I created packaging out of an old stationery box that was covered in flowers and gold outlines, then used my vintage air mail stickers to address it. Inside was a zine, some stickers, a note, an a/p print and a special collage. She also wrote and drew illustrations for the most amazing blog post about her interaction with this particular envelope.Jeannine Saylor aka @saylor_made who is a fellow British Columbia gal, got an UBER sexy package from me, as I used the catalog man postcard box as her envelope. It allowed me the space required to cram in this pile of fun things… I even included a few pairs of my button earrings! Mariana Lobao aka @minawolf  in London, naturally received another envelope chock full of wolf treats. Just like Jeannine’s and Valeria’s envelope, Mariana’s is also a salvaged stationery box from an old set of wolf postcards. I made her a mini accordion book and also posted her a zine, stickers, postcards and awesome vintage magazine adds. Last but not least Jessica Mack aka @brownpaperbunny who lives way down in Australia, finally got another piece of mail from me… after her recent bombardment of mail from her, I was getting antsy for this reply to arrive. The envelope I am most certainly proud of but the insides weren’t any less exciting, as they included a catalog men postcard, a hand-bound journal and so much more. I believe that I made my aussie bunny was happy, because she wrote a delightful post on her blog that included my envelope!Always looking forward to more mail, and have been busy sending some off myself.

6 Responses to “to and from Canada, Italy, US, UK & Oz”

  1. Jess @ Brown Paper Bunny 02/05/2011 at 16:04 #

    Happy? I did a little happy dance. Nothing better than receiving super fun mail art packages!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.


  2. Chantal Vincent 02/05/2011 at 17:14 #

    More and more and more fabulous mail art – both incoming and outgoing. I think I want to adopt your sister by the way – I love that package she sent you!

    Luke Waller’s illustrations look amazing.

    Posted your mail art yesterday!

  3. Jeannine | SaylorMade 02/05/2011 at 20:55 #

    I don’t know if I’ve ever had a sexier package delivered to me… via mail. Every time I look at a part of it I smile. It’s a challenge now to create a worthy reply. AND I just realized I owe you a gushing blog post… nose to laptop.

  4. Kindred Spirit 03/05/2011 at 06:30 #

    I love love love the wolves & foxes & everything wildlife :) These are fabulous! Happy Birthday :D

  5. rhya 03/05/2011 at 13:55 #

    so much mail goodness! happy birthday jessica! i dropped something in the post for you today! woot!

  6. eraser carver 04/05/2011 at 02:42 #

    Just love looking at all this wonderful mail art :) Happy mailboxes all over!

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