nothing but good karma

13 Apr

I recently bought a new bike and have been wanting to write this post, but I’ve been too busy cruising around town and drooling over my bike’s awesomeness! FINALLY, the wait is over, and I am now typing. When John and I lived in Windermere, BC the main town Invermere was about a 10 minute car-ride down the highway, and then the grocery store is up and down some pretty gigantic hills after that. So, now that we are living in 100 Mile House, with the town fairly close to our place and with hills nothing like the Kootenays, we figured it was time to make an investment in cycling! We drove up to Williams Lake, BC to Red Shred’s (the partner shop of Gear Garage, here in town) because they have a way bigger shop and more selection. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with one bike in particular: The Electra Karma. So without further ado, here she is… ain’t she a beauty?! I have long wanted a cruiser bike and knew from my research that Electra is pretty much the godfather of cruisers, being based in California and having revived this bike style in the 90’s. I was looking for the joy of the ride with nice wide-set handlebars and pedal back brakes (thus taking me all the way back to grade school). She has an internal three-speed and a fairly light frame, which sure comes in handy when I have to conquer a hill. Now apart from it being a solid and fun ride, it’s also a gorgeous one! My Karma’s beauty is so delicious, and really, it all starts with the reflective metallic purple paint that covers the entire frame. The gorgeousness then continues on with the gold paisley accent pattern painted down the sides of the frame and across the tops of the fenders.  Check out the black stitched leather seat with an embossed gold paisley mandala on top, leather handlebars that match, and an Electra bell with, of course, a paisley mandala.And don’t forget the gorgeous gold wheels that hold onto the classic black and white ‘retrorunner’ tires. They just set the whole thing off.And finally a must have have accessory for safety: a lustrous purple helmet with subtle filigree patterning… if I gotta wear a helmet, it better look good! I feel SO lucky that I own pretty much a Rolls Royce of the cruiser world. I’m excited and hoping that apart from now having a fun activity that gets me out into nature more often, I might also shed a few lbs cruising on it. Now I just need the sun to start shining on the regular and I am all set to cruise around 100 Mile House daily, making everyone jealous. BONUS: so Johnny’s bike doesn’t feel left out, I thought I’d include him in here. His is the Haro Railer Xs with the GREMLIN (lime green) frame! His bike is also an internal 3-speed but has disk breaks. It rides like a cruiser but also draws inspiration from BMX style, which in turn offers the bike a bit more stability if you want to be hopping off curbs, or riding it after a few extra beers (cracked courtesy of the bottle opener on the underside of its frame). And, with the gold wheels wrapped in some fat black cruiser tires, this guy good-looking enough to ride alongside my oh-so-positive Karma.

7 Responses to “nothing but good karma”

  1. Jeannine | SaylorMade 13/04/2011 at 12:13 #

    That is a gorgeous, funkadelic, kick-ass bike. Fantastic choice. Now I’m really curious as to what else was at the shop. They seem to have a real attention to detail and eye for colour and design.

    I may invest in one down the road when the kidlets are old enough to join us on a ride. I have crushed on bikes like this since we were in Holland-Brussels and saw so many. None were as pimped as this one, though.

  2. Annie B 13/04/2011 at 12:35 #

    You two are stylin’! I love that paisley theme, the leather seat and hand grips, and of course the color. And your helmet is awesome! Just one question — what’s that white stuff still doing on the ground? Ah well, I know it won’t stop you.

  3. anika 13/04/2011 at 13:30 #

    I knew it was going to be pretty, but I had no idea how much! It’s so shiny & luminous; it reminds me of candy. I love all the attention to detail–just enough of the gold pattern. Awesome that you found a helmet to match too!

  4. sand 19/09/2011 at 10:18 #

    I have the same bike!!!!!! Where did you get the helmet? I want one :)

    • naturesmyfriend 19/09/2011 at 10:30 #

      Isn’t she a beauty!!! I bought it at my local bike shop here, this spring. I believe the maker is BELL although I’m not 100% positive. I do feel awfully cool (AND SAFE) with my matching helmet.


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