11 Apr

My postbox was awfully quiet this week, but perhaps that means I am going to hit the mail jackpot soon! There are quite a few replies I have been anxiously awaiting from beloved mail art friends, but only time will tell. However, one small treat did show up for me: a thank you from ezerd (below) in reply to the birthday robot mail I sent her (above). The post office was fairly well behaved for me this week, and surprisingly delivered five of my mail art packages! I’ll talk about CJ’s (aka UnknownArtifact) envelope first, for he was forced to wait the longest for a reply, and sometimes patience does pay off. Seattle stacks was a post I made about the first envelope CJ sent to me; it was a literal PILE of goodies, so I wanted to make sure that my reply was nothing but a nice thick stack of radness. I created a handmade envelope and stuffed in all sorts of treats. My 3 favorites: my mixed media arctic fox skull, the MC Hammer llama magazine page and the ‘Really Canadian’ Big Rock postcard which features an Inukshuk made of empty beer cans.I really like spoiling Justice Bicycle because she is the one who started me on mail art… So I sent her a where’s waldo postcard and thanked her for the envelope she sent last month. Oh and she finally received a copy of my zine… she is also the one who steadily developed my love for zines over the past 4 years. SO MANY REASONS TO LOVE JUSTICEBICYCLE.With a new place in Vancouver, Amanda McNair has been steady with the mail art as of late, which is a nice change of pace from about 2 years ago. After receiving her Demorest & Garfield postcard, I knew she deserved a quad of sexy 70’s hunks in jeans and tank tops! After enjoying Christina Norberg‘s ‘art kit’ I sent off an envelope covered in fur mountains, naturally with one of my zines inside. Also stuffed in the package was another 70’s catalog men postcards and plenty of other found goodies including a word search, feathers, stickers and even a step-by-step guise to making a big mouth card! Jillian Hermansen made me super happy with her last envelope! She included awesome drawings, old and unique postcards, and a few quirky objects. I had to make her package just as special, starting with a sticker plastered envelope. Then inside, waiting to be discovered was a zine, a graphite bird drawing on colored paper, a word search, llamas galore, stickers and more 70’s catalog studs. Not a bad haul, if I do say so myself!Some twitter friends and a few of my blog readers negotiated a trade for one of my zines. This week Donathon Crew, Holly Mcmanus, Jessica Mack, surface_122, studio_tau, louise wright, JusticeBicycle and Kiyomi Fukui received their copy of mountains made of fur.

4 Responses to “mailmailmail”

  1. Jeannine | SaylorMade 11/04/2011 at 11:50 #

    You are a BUSY MAIL ART FIEND. I think the 70s briefs and incredibly high-waisted jeans are making my day. Awesome finds and I hope the recipients had as much of a laugh as I did.

  2. Tau 11/04/2011 at 13:26 #

    :( I was sure my postcard would have gotten to you by now! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  3. rhya 12/04/2011 at 07:07 #

    Yay! so much mail! awesome! Love the robots!


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    […] last correspondence to me can be found, here. I strongly suggest checking out her blog, as she is […]

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