In my friends’ mail boxes

24 Mar

Onto the little parcels I put together and sent around the globe. I made nine people very happy these past couple weeks. The first few that arrived were created during my final week of rest from tendinitis, so most things were either done digitaly, or were a FUN collection of hand-printed materials and unique found objects. For both Joey Trotto (aka Grmblshi) and Luke Waller (aka Lucaxun) I created digital art and collaged the finished pieces to kraft cahier moleskines. As a fan of Joey’s flickr, I know that when it comes to photography he is into segmented/ geometrical pieces that either alter or combine photographs. I took vintage postcards from Denver and Vancouver, two big cities close to our hometowns and segmented them together in a geometric pattern. I sent it in a wicked handmade envelope from my pal Unknown Artifact. Luke is launching an art brand soon under the titled Fred Bear Apparel. A lot of his drawings in reference to it, have animals bearing crowns. I figured he would enjoy this digital image I made for his sketchbook. I then embellished the front with his name in silver & black sharpie. Jessica Lennox (aka NightOwlRose) found this bird adorned envelope in her postbox. One day she had professed her love of hippos when I had asked my twitter followers what their favorite animals were. I knew I had to use my limited photoshop skills and attempt to make her a fantastic homage of her beloved favorite creatures. Below is the result: Jules Young (aka muddleduck) got a pile of fun: canadiana, duck & other aquatic creature themed objects, stickers, a book of kids’ dinnertime excuses and one of my first ever gocco print edition “pair of paws.” She even took the time to write a sweet blog post about it!Christina Norberg (aka norberg art) was also very deserving of one of my first gocco prints as well as a pile of fun, including a one-of-a-kind chain face game that I made for her! Do you remember those things from when you were younger? So much fun. I created a  beautiful handmade envelope for Victoria Archer (aka bella_lovebird) using a gorgeous image of  a turkey’s bright colored plumage. Inside were some fun objects, stickers, and one of my 10-layer Queen Elizabeth II caricature silkscreen prints.Both Nick Ooysten and Justice Bicycle got sticker plastered gama- go postcards. 1- attach stickers all over a stamped, addressed postcard 2-send 3-win. Justice Bicycle is a HUGE star wars fan; I saw the most epic sticker set that I couldn’t walk past and not buy for her.For Nick: a smorgasbord of stickers on a monster truck driving Sasquatch postcard.Amanda McNair (aka shmanda13) has owed me a reply for a while, but having recently graduated, romancing with an almost fiancee and at a new job in a new city, I am of course understanding! So i sent her this postcard as a gentle reminder of what to do, haha.JT Thomas (aka jtillustrates) is a bloke from the UK who does amazing illustrations with line quality that makes my heart beat faster. I love me some good line texture. Anyhow, he has been on a stint of drawings cats and dogs with tons of character. With my hand back in action, I was able to make to make him a graphite drawing of a boston terrier and sent it off in a handmade envelope from a map of the Cariboo. Here’s his blog post about it.I love exchanging creativity, drawings, prints, ideas, etc with friends and fellow artists. Mail art makes me and so many of my pals happy! What more could you ask for?

2 Responses to “In my friends’ mail boxes”

  1. Jeannine | SaylorMade 24/03/2011 at 17:10 #

    You are a busy woman! These are all great. I love that you take the time to find out about each individual. Looking forward to many more posts about your mail art.

  2. almostmonday 25/03/2011 at 21:31 #

    I love these mail art posts! but since i’m new to your blog etc., I dont know how it started! or how I get on board?! :)

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