the sweet, sweet coast

16 Mar

Well, this weekend John and I officially broke out of the box and did something completely spontaneous and exciting: an impromptu vacation to the coast! Vancouver is only about 5 hours away from 100 Mile House, a significantly shorter drive than if we were coming from our old homes in Alberta. We thought, why not? The next thing we knew we were phoning up friends to make plans, packing the car, gassing up and grabbing breakfast at Tim Horton’s. It was really exciting to embark on an impromptu adventure with my love. The drive there was gorgeous for the first couple hours, with us both marveling at the ever-changing, always beautiful, landscape of British Columbia… then the rain hit and it was a rough final few hours of driving, but when we rolled into Van, it was all worth it. Visited Pete briefly, a good friend of John’s from radio school, then it was off to see my girlfriend Amanda who we were staying with! She just got an advertising internship with a magazine and has made an adorable little bachelorette pad, near 41st and Main, her home. We ate a lovely pasta dinner that Amanda cooked and had no trouble polishing off a couple bottles of vino and a few brews. With full, happy bellies we embarked on a public transit adventure to meet two of Amanda’s friends at a bar called ‘Shack’ down in Kitsilano. On the way I marveled (thanks to the wine) at how the THRONE seat on the bus was empty until shortly before our stop a man eagerly sat it in. The king & his slurpee scepter. We had a such a good time with Amanda & friends once we were at the SHACK, but that wasn’t much of a surprise considering there isn’t really a night life in 100 Mile House… The bar was playing mostly dub-step music and the odd ratatat or peaches track; LOVED IT! And apart from the music, we got a couple free drinks from the generous bartender & the atmosphere was fabulous – I mean who else has Magnum PI murals??? Look, aren’t Johnny & Tom Selleck just two peas in a pod? hahaha too awesome!Meandering home in the spring air, walking impatiently between bus stops and eating 1 am pizza slices polished off the perfect first day for our impromptu vacation. The next morning we woke up to Amanda making us coffee and crepes… SPOILED! We then spent the day meandering around Granville island. So much to see and do; amazing artists, cute shops, tasty food, brewery samples, toy stores, galleries, the water, etc. WIN. I had never been to Granville before, so it was a real treat! That evening we gorged sushi, something John and I desperately miss when we’re in our small town. Later that night we went off to a Burlesque show that happens every Sunday known as Kitty Nights, hosted by Burgundy Brixx and the Purrfessor along with John’s good friend Teddy Smooth who DJ’s the event. Burlesque is so fun to watch; who doesn’t love seeing creative women doing fabulous performance art while also catching a little glimpse of skin at the same time? Any Sunday night at Kitty Nights is a night to remember. We sadly said goodbye to Amanda in the morning as she ran off to work. We packed up our things and met Teddy to see his new place and walked to catch a bite of breakfast before getting on the road. The drive back was a breeze, with clear skies, good tunes and endless conversation about the fun we had. I feel so happy and invigorated – something I think we both really needed and deserved. It was definitely a weekend to remember.


One Response to “the sweet, sweet coast”

  1. anika 20/03/2011 at 20:15 #

    i thought that first photo was a postcard when i first saw it! amazing! looks like you had a fun weekend. Also, Tom Selleck, was my very first crush! hee hee.

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