seattle stacks

1 Mar

I met CJ after stumbling upon his blog and tweeting to him that I was jealous of his delicious six screen-printing press in his garage in Seattle. We became pals and I coaxed him into mail art, despite his worries of “generating something good enough to send along.” Yet he put together something far more than good in his reply to my envelope!

After unwrapping at least three protective layers, I discovered a wicked handmade envelope from a poster, inside another of the same breed (top left) followed by a pile of absolute goodness. I had a smile glued to my face as I searched through the generous stack: Postcards (bottom right), coasters (upper middle), stickers (far left), permits (top right) & found objects (center). Most of these are from CJ’s beginnings in the printing world. The stickers that didn’t photograph well are actually rad drawings of the moon that will look awesome on a black sketchbook or black paper. My favorite thing………….???????

………well, little did CJ know, I have a weird collection of rear-view mirror clutter. I am a sucker for clever air-fresheners and car cliches, hell I even have a mustached owl with a solar powered rotating head. So the Car/Van Pool Seattle Port Parking tag is going to find a very happy home right next to the pine cone air freshener in my Versa. Thanks again sir!

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