birds, bears, robots and love

18 Feb

Another week has gone by and some absolutely fabulous things finished their travels through the postal system; some to little ‘ol me and others to friends.

First and foremost, an envelope that has been slowly making it’s way to Rome, Italy for a few weeks, finally arrived on Valeria Poropat‘s doorstep. I met Valeria on twitter, and she has been just the sweetest girl ever – very kind and supportive. I knew I had to create her something special. The mixed-media drawing that I decided to do was of a Green Jay on a cahier kraft moleskine and it turned out beautifully! I even admitted to her that I was tempted to keep it; lucky for Valeria, her name was written on the back. Below are progress pictures, above is the finished piece and this is her blog post about it.

As I am still battling tendinitis, I really haven’t been able to draw anything lately or make a worthy mail art package to send. As a friendly reminder that I hadn’t forgotten them, I sent Jillian Hermansen, Luke Waller, Jessica Lennox & Carney Oudendag each a little tide-me-over postcard. Miss Lennox even blogged about it here.

My mailbox was also busy!!! I got treats from three sweet ladies. First, a long anticipated mail art reply from Kimi Kobashi arrived in a small 5×5 box. Inside was a plethora of goodies including collage paper, bear drawings and a secret agent hand-carved cork stamp with his own cityscape to live in. Creativity meters are off the charts! Kimi even mentioned how much fun she had making mail art for me in her blog post “express to: canada.”

A valentine, which surprisingly arrived on the actual holiday, came from the ever-so-sweet Caren Gibb, a studio mate of mine from my spring/summer season of 2010 at Blackstar Gallery & Studios. It warmed my heart.

And last but not least, just yesterday, an envelope from twitter friend e-zerd showed up, stuffed with some of her robot postcards, a pink cupcake print card, some rad stickers from “trust pigs” and  a 1/1 robotic print on BFK Rives. Also couldn’t help but giggle at her return address, as it included planet, galaxy, and so on, just in case it got lost in our vast universe… after all, the post office has been known to accidentally misplace things.

4 Responses to “birds, bears, robots and love”

  1. Thuraya Lynn 19/02/2011 at 10:16 #

    these are lovely!
    and keep going strong miss jessica! ^_^)

  2. Jules 19/02/2011 at 14:55 #

    What wonderful things to send/receive!! I would love it if things that beautiful fell on my doormat….sadly it’s mostly bills or junk, lol….

  3. carney oudendag 09/03/2011 at 15:41 #

    jess, you are not only a gifted artist but a delight to be around! love your insights into nature, people and the world around you. how did you get so wise, young woman?


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    […] and five of my sent letters got lovingly picked up by their owners this week. Kimi Kobashi‘s first reply to me was very creative and thoughtful, she even included a pile of colorful rice papers for me to […]

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