amulet bearer

5 Feb

The first print I created in 2011 was a gocco screenprint for a printmaking exchange and exhibition in Toronto themed around the year of the rabbit. The show opens at PROOF Studio Gallery and will continue onto the University of Ontario College of Art & Design, Ottawa School of Art and Muskoka Art Place Gallery. Apart from offering me the opportunity for exhibitions and sales in eastern Canada, I may also find a piece or two in my mailbox before summer, as the unsold prints will be divided amongst the participants. Speaking of which, you can view all the submitted artworks on the  year of the rabbit blog or can go directly to my submission.

About my print: This is a one layer gocco screenprint created from a hand-drawn stencil and printed with black ink on Arches cream paper. It is titled Amulet Bearer and is limited to an edition of 10. Throughout history, humans have sought and killed rabbits to create amulets or charms from their feet, amongst other desires for things such as their flesh, fur, bones, etc. This lead me to believe that owning, respecting and tending to a live rabbit would be far luckier than owning a taxidermist’s charm, for you’d have four rabbit feet instead of one… not to mention, a friend.


One Response to “amulet bearer”

  1. anika 05/02/2011 at 21:58 #

    I had a bunny when I was growing up. He was white, albino, floppy eared, and named Bunny. He was a lovely friend.

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