here we are, we finally made it.

28 Jan

After a long wait, I have decided to take the plunge and begin blogging… so here I am, sitting in my cozy studio, typing. So far, my 2011 plans are ambitious and exciting – I want to document the adventure, right here, with you along for the ride…so hang on tight!! hah! Plus, I thought why not add one more creative responsibility to my already over-zealous list?

nature’s my friend: It’s a name/an idea/a concept that I’ve been toying with for quite sometime now. It is a feeling that is close to my heart, as I have always been an avid animal lover, enjoyed my time outside in the splendor of natural environments and my artistic practice for the past 5 years has pursued my understanding of the animal/human relationship. At the same time I know nature’s my friend is a notion that others easily relate to and it will hopefully allow me the opportunity to easily connect with people who also share my passions.  With plans to expand my practice into a business/brand, begin blogging and find new galleries/art expos to represent my work, I am proud to say I’ve found a memorable name that encompasses both my style and my inspiration.

On this blog I’ll be posting updates about all the creative things that are inspiring my life and my ideas, along with current on-goings of my artistic practice, with hopes to in turn hearten you and your imaginations. Prints, drawings, photos, ideas, mail art, news, exhibitions, narratives, work in progress and much more will grace these wood bordered pages. I hope you enjoy reading about my creative adventures and continue to follow :)

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One Response to “here we are, we finally made it.”

  1. Charlotte Vallance 28/01/2012 at 13:55 #

    I’m glad you took the plunge! And your reasons for starting are the best ones. I started my blog at University because it was expected. It’s only over the past two years that I have really enjoyed and appreciated mine!

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