100 ink animals

18 Jun


Hello again friend, I’ve missed you. Several years ago Instagram stole me away from both blogging & twitter, because it felt like an easier, more interactive place to share my visual content; however the app has slowly changed for the worst, and I plan to share more of my creative projects and progress here on the blog again. I wanted to update you with a post about a passion project I’ve been working on for almost 2 years: 100 INK ANIMALS.


In October 2016, I took on the challenge of illustrating an animal every day for 100 days. The animals I chose to draw were either personal favorites, suggestions from others or challenges in mark-making.


During my research for reference imagery, I discovered incredible information about each creature: innate behaviors, unique qualities and communication cues that us humans could learn from. These facts inspired me to create short writings that distilled the powers of each animal and I paired this prose with my drawings, while sharing the project on social media.


In the interest of having this body of work evolve into something tangible, I decided to create both a book and an oracle card deck with my illustrations and writing. I have sourced a quality printer and a trusted publisher who can create these tangible pieces of art, but now I need your help. Funding a project this big is simply not possible on my own and I really want to share these creations with the world.


Luckily, Kickstarter gives artists a platform to promote their work to a larger audience and source financing from a supportive community. Backers get to have a direct hand in bringing the creations to life and will be the first to have the books and oracle decks in their paws. I am hopeful that some of you animal lovers will be interested in helping this project come to life; if I am unable to raise the required production funds in these final 10 days of the campaign, then the 100 ink animals project will sadly never evolve into these meaningful objects.


To see more of the illustrations, a video about the project, or to pre-order a book or oracle deck visit the project’s website here. The campaign is live for 10 more days and I appreciate anything you can do to help make it a success!

Thank you for continuing to have an interest in my art practice after all these years. I hope you’re as happy to see me as I am to see you! XO


slow and steady…

28 Apr

…wins the race, right? This saying would especially make sense if the race was without a definitive finish line… 


I have been {very} slowly working away at a large-scale personal piece for several months now. I seem to only find minutes, not hours, to add to it, but I am happy with what has emerged on the page.  


It has been a welcome treat to have a drawing to go to when I find a bit of free time. I think with a couple more committed studio sessions, it will be complete. If I can keep up this tortoise type pace, then this is hopefully the start of a new series. Imagine what will happen if I channel my inner hare?

things of this nature

17 Apr

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6Untitled-7 A talented artist, Carney Oudendag, is someone who I am proud to not only call a friend, but a fellow collaborator. Her and I have worked on two projects in the past; a multi-colored screenprint edition and a mixed-media accordion book. Our next project (which we are currently working on) was prompted by the discovery of 7 unused panel boards during a studio clean-up. When I mentioned my find, Carney admitted to having some spare canvases laying around the studio and said she would happily donate them to a new series of collaborative works!

The project has evolved a bit over the past few months, but in a nutshell, we are both be altering and adding to 14 pieces (7 board, 7 canvas). Our guiding theme and title of the show is Things of this Nature, a notion that rings true even in our solo work. Animal, insect, environmental, botanical or otherwise natural influences are at the forefront of our inspiration for this series. The only true stipulation is that the works must be finished and ready to hang at Pynelogs in Invermere, for our show August 4th-16th.

Above are the 7 panel boards that I began with and put my magic on. These are now in Carney’s studio, waiting for her additions and alterations. Meanwhile I have her 7 canvases, which I’ll share with you in a later post). After we both add to each others work, we plan to come together for a mini-residency to put finishing touches on the pieces and title them. I am very excited to see how this series evolves and what beautiful works emerge from the combination of our creative skills.