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yew are so beautiful

6 Jun

… Oh & you are too! But seriously, yews are gorgeously impressive plants. 20130606-070928.jpg20130606-070954.jpg20130606-071015.jpg Taxus Canadensis (Canadian Yew) is a conifer native to North America, thriving in swampy woods, ravines, riverbanks and on lake shores. Yew is also referred to as American Yew or Ground-Hemlock. This plant is actually classified as a shrub, although with a strong upright central leader, they can grow up to 3 meters high, making it easy for them to masquerade as trees. Honestly though, all the botany aside, I mostly just love yews for their thick curling bark that reveals gorgeous shades of red hiding underneath and the sprouting of new branches. Hello, texture overload!

I never want to leave you

1 Mar

20130301-230008.jpgDearest British Columbia & the Kootenay mountains,
You are beautiful.
I hope we are together forever.
Love always,

snow-dusted tree bark

2 Jan

snowdustedbark6 snowdustedbark4 snowdustedbark1 snowdustedbark3 snowdustedbark5 snowdustedbark2I went for my first nature walk of the New Year and couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful, snow-dusted tree bark. I am in love with the texture, color, and line work at play in this winter wonderland of a forest! Oh nature, you are so inspiring.


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