NMF at Made in Canada

6 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.23.07 AMAs I mentioned in my post last month, Etsy concocted the fabulous idea of a Canada-wide pop-up market featuring some of their many talented sellers. I was thrilled to see Kelowna on the list, as it is only a 4 hour drive from Castlegar! Although I adore small town life, one of the few things I miss about the big city is consistent opportunities to sell and market my work in person… so, naturally, I was thrilled to have a big name market being planned closer to home than larger centers like Vancouver or Calgary. Nature’s My Friend would be there!  Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.24.01 AMI recently did a big trip to the NWT (much more on that coming soon) and flew back into Kelowna with only a day to spare before the show. Knowing that I’d be coming back to a quick deadline, I actually got all of my little show ducks in a nice row over a week before the show date. For someone who loves to squeeze everything out of every minute, it can be hard to not get finicky over the details and get excessive with production down to the wire. I’ve learned that knowing the set-up of your table or booth is the most crucial step to have organized, because in order to do that, you automatically discover what product to bring and how much you will need of it. I also triple-check an essentials list that has everything from a cash box and inventory book all the way to seemingly silly yet super important things like lip-chap and band-aids. Having a friend go over it all with you can be helpful too (even if it’s just for moral support, thanks Crumb!) I am hopeful I can use this show as a precedent and in future, be this organized at all of my pop-up markets.Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.27.46 AMDue to my (normally unheard of) planning, having the entire event set in a fantastic venue (that yes, was a winery, and yes, was selling wine by the glass),  plus landing a gorgeous spot right near the entrance, all meant that the day went absolutely fabulously. I met some really great people, had a lot of nature lovers adopt some animals, and even had a few shoppers playing Santa early! Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.34.43 AMAbove is a shot of my booth. Sorry, no photos with me in it! I almost wish the event was two days; perhaps that’s something Etsy would consider? I would have loved to take more photos, have extra time to meet more lovely Kelownians, and to connect with some wonderful artists and crafters that are only one mountain range away. I miss my kind of people. Good thing Etsy’s doing this whole thing again next year; see you there with bells on!


Etsy excitement – a year later

10 Sep


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.03.02 AMHard to believe that this week marks exactly one year since my shop was interviewed and featured by Etsy. Acknowledging that proud past event puts some much needed wind in my sails, and I am so excited for fall & winter, now that I have proper health and a positive mindset to create! Speaking of Etsy, you know that I am always thrilled to contribute or participate with this awesome company whenever possible (you may remember my fabulous trip to Toronto when Etsy first joined forces with One of a Kind). It’s always so much fun to meet other online sellers, the representatives of this wonderful company, and to also have the ability to share more about NMF with Etsy right behind me. I am stoked to announce a quickly approaching event that I can add to my Etsy roster: Etsy Made in Canada. In over 22 cities on September 27, Etsy will be celebrating the unique art and artists across Canada through this special pop-up event. MHP4900a-910x490I will be stationed in Kelowna, at the gorgeous Sandhill Winery downtown on 1125 Richter Street (pictured above) and will be setting up shop with over a dozen other Etsy sellers. The focus of this event is to connect buyers with local makers, to allow them alternatives to the big box stores and give them the opportunity to support genuine Canadian makers. Click the cute little promo video on this webpage to learn more or to see a list of the other cities participating in this awesome nation-wide event. If you are from the Okanagan area, I would absolutely love to meet you at this event, so mark your calendar!

a moose – open & closed

8 Jul

scoopinmoose3 scoopinmoose1My talented and long time friend (since I was 6!) miss Jessica Mayne runs a fabulous ice cream shop and creperie in Canmore, Alberta with her beau Tory. The store is adorably named “The Scoopin’ Moose,” has bright green walls, and is adorned with some fabulous moose friends. I was massively flattered when the two approached me with an exciting commission that not only would beautify their shop, but would also be a functional tool; an OPEN / CLOSED sign that would feature an alert moose on one side and a sleepy guy on the other. Originally we were talking about just a simple drawing that could be photocopied, but I really wanted them to have the real deal! So, we decided on a gorgeous hand-painted wood panel that not only represents the true hand-made quality of their products, but also the down-to-earth essence of their lovingly owned and operated business. scoopinmoose4scoopinmoose7 scoopinmoose5scoopinmoose6There were a few hiccups along the way, including an unexpected move, but all-in-all I think both parties feel that the finished product was worth the wait! I was so excited to hand-deliver the sign to them this week; what a thrill to connect with long-time friends and fantastic clients and also see the place where your artwork will live. scoopinmoos2I’m looking forward to seeing snapshots of the sign hung in it’s proper place, and I’ll be sure to share them with you.  What do you think of this new one of a kind piece? Isn’t it fantastic when friendship, business and art truly collide?


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