why wait? reply!

19 Feb


It’s official: I am the worst at replying to e-mails. I have been trying to turn this leaf over for years now… my new mantra is now the title of this post. I spent the early part of the morning sifting through several pages of unsorted, yet-to-be-dealt-with e-mails, archiving important ones into folders, deleting those that didn’t need attention, and leaving those that required a reply. The later part of my morning was spent diligently writing replies to some long over-due messages. I did the inbox clean-out early last year, but I didn’t stay on top of incoming messages, and soon it was yet again a stock-pile of unanswered notes. This time around, I am hoping to commit with my new mantra: why wait? reply! If you need some concrete tips about keeping on top of your inbox, please read this old, (but super imformative) post written by my clever friend Kaitlyn. It has all the tips you need to get your digital inbox organized.

four fungi

18 Feb

mush_0002_Layer 2As you know from my last post, I have been having fun with some relief printmaking! It has been great to make a small body of work in such a short time… I really am proud of my little collection of fungi stamps. Some friends on instagram encouraged me to print these beauties onto some journals, so I did just that. All four are now available in my etsy shop! mushsetnubers

sprouting new ideas

16 Feb

New ideas have been sprouting out of my brain like crazy… my sketchbook pages especially have been sprouting some new things. I’m super happy to have my creative groove back, and a new body of work that has been on the forefront these days is a series all about mushrooms. I AM IN LOVE! The shapes, the texture, the colors… they are adorable and absolutely fascinating. I’ve been playing with line drawing and relief printmaking so far, and truly have enjoyed just making and experimenting. I might want to try my hand at painting or sculpting a few of these cuties too, but I’ll make sure to keep it simple if I do. Who knows where this new series will take me!? Thought I’d share some photographs of the process, exploration and results thus far. Enjoy! mush1 mush2 mush3 mush4 mush5 mush7 mush8 mush9


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